The Web To Your TV, With A Flick Of A Wrist? Slapstick Says Yes

December 10, 2010

10:37 am

Start-up Snapstick promises that with the flick of a wrist you’ll be able to transfer video content from your iPhone or iPad onto your TV.

How does it work? The Snapstick team gave CNET a sneak peak of the software that makes an iPhone/iPad act like a remote to transmit the content on the device over a WiFi connection. The use of the accelerometer triggers the Snapstick software to begin streaming web content. With “a firm flick or snap” of the device, content is transferred from the device to the TV, thus the moniker, “Snapstick”.

This service is in a preliminary stage. Snapstick’s website indicates they are still in private beta, and according to CNET, the company is only now starting to show the product to potential partners.

Still, it’s interesting to see different approaches to the delivery of web content to the big screen.

You can watch the Snapstick’s demo video here, and form your own opinion.

Read a more comprehensive explanation of the process here.

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