7 Things You Should Never Do While on a WiFi Hotspot

April 11, 2016

8:31 pm

As unsecured public Internet connections grow in popularity and accessibility, there is a level of weariness that should be followed when it comes to how we access public WiFi hotspots and what information we share over the open network. 7 percent of Americans have had their identity stolen at least once and over 100 million Americans have information online right now that could compromise their financial and personal security. This can be especially frightening to anyone that spends a majority of their time online making sensitive digital transactions.

As a general rule of thumb, public networks which require no security key or password to access should always be used with suspicion and caution. Connecting to them can leave you vulnerable to attacks from other devices sharing the network. Without proper protection, cyber criminals have easy access your private and financial information. Even secure public networks, like those found in hotels and libraries, should be used cautiously.

There are people out there who want to steal your money and personal data, so stay vigilant and keep reading to learn how you can stay on top of the game. Incorporating these seven tips can not only leave you more informed, but make your online experience so much better.

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