Get Alcohol Delivered to Your Door in an Hour: NYC’s THIRSTIE is Coming to Chicago & Los Angeles

April 21, 2014

1:48 pm

Ever been too busy to go out and buy the alcohol for a house party you’re hosting, or simply been too lazy to do anything about it? Why not have some bottles of wine or vodka or whatever else delivered straight to your apartment? Well, NYC-based startup THIRSTIE has been helping New Yorkers do precisely that for the last two months, and it recently announced that it will be expanding its on-demand alcohol delivery service to the good people of both Chicago and Los Angeles.

“The initial response to THIRSTIE has been overwhelmingly positive in Manhattan and Brooklyn,” said THIRSTIE CEO Devaraj Southworth. “We are thrilled to be able to extend our reach to cater to customers whether they are in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, or downtown Chicago: so they can devote more time to cooking, wine tasting, or mixology fun with friends.”

THIRSTIE   On demand local liquor delivery

Since going into public beta in late February, THIRSTIE has found overwhelming success in NYC, with sales far exceeding their expectations.  The company noted that it sees a return user rate of 50 percent – certainly impressive for any startup, which speaks volumes for the kind of demand that’s out there for local, on-demand alcohol delivery. With the rapid success of THIRSTIE in NYC, the company decided to capture this demand in other larger cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

In order for local alcohol delivery to work, THIRSTIE partners with local wine and spirits merchants, and integrates their entire inventories on the THIRSTIE app. To use the service, one need only access the app through the web or smartphone (available for both iOS and Android). Users can then decide whether to browse through wines or liquors and check out the available products, with information on size, alcohol content, and price. Purchases are made directly in the app itself and deliveries are made to your door within the hour.

“Consumers are increasingly interested in being a part of the culture, and this is reflected by people hosting more parties, going to wine and liquor tastings, and attending mixology courses,” said Patrick Jones, a spokesperson for the company. “THIRSTIE gives consumers a tool that adds convenience to drinking in.”

Considering the convenience and immediacy of alcohol delivery service, it’s no surprise that THIRSTIE has performed so well. For many, time is the greatest commodity, and any service that allows people to be more productive with their time – such as redirecting time spent from going out and buying alcohol to cleaning your apartment and, like, taking a shower – is sure to become an essential tool. Whether the company can replicate its success in Chicago and Los Angeles is wholly dependent on their approach, considering the different nature of cities and their residents; however, independent of their future performance, one thing is certain: THIRSTIE has stumbled into a new service industry where others will surely follow.

If you’re in NYC, Los Angeles, or Chicago, download THIRSTIE for iOS or Android.

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