This is Ground Launches A Kickstarter for the Cargito Charging iPad Case

February 13, 2014

10:41 am

This is Ground today launched their Kickstarter campaign for the newly designed Cargito iPad mini and air charging case. It’s made from 100 percent Napa leather, accommodates a stylus or pen, and has a pocket for money, business cards, or credit cards.

If all that weren’t enough, the Cargito has yet another pocket that houses a 7,000 or 11,000 mAh battery that will charge your iPad mini or iPad air, respectively, to 100 percent and can be itself charged via micro cable. This is Ground wanted to ensure that the Cargito stands out amongst the crowds in the market space so they partnered with Apple to completely certify the new case for Apple devices.

“I was in shock nobody was tackling this problem because I thought it was a big problem,” says Mike Macadaan. “Mophie obviously has a lot of traction and on my first try at the Cargito I went at it like the Mophie. But the battery was stacked and the thing looked like one of those CD cases from the 90s.”

While watching a sci-fi movie one day, Macadaan got a bright idea from the costumes on the characters and the instruments they had implemented into them: the battery doesn’t have to be totally hidden, but rather blended into the design. To Macadaan, concealing the battery was the best move he made design-wise, and will forever remain the big magic trick behind the Cargito.

The rest of the case features didn’t escape Macadaan’s eye for detail either; every piece on the case has hours of design thought in it. The snaps are dual layered so they won’t damage your Apple device, and 53 is making custom styli to fit the stylus holder.

“It’s satisfying when there’s a reason for each little detail,” says Macadaan. “That’s the kind of design that I love as a consumer and delivering as a non-consumer. It just looks cool; it all looks cool.”

The most fun part of the whole experience for Macadaan and the rest of the team at This is Ground is the learning curve. They all come from website building backgrounds and now they’re learning about retail, manufacturing, and packaging; for them the knowledge base they’ve built is a gold mine in and of itself.


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