TicketLeap is Redesigned and Mobile-Optimized

January 14, 2014

3:52 pm

TicketLeap has made it their mission to offer a dedicated platform that people can use to create high quality event pages. To take their vision further, the Philadelphia based company this week announced the totally redesigned Events Pages.

The redesign efforts come on the heels of data that indicates over 50 percent of TicketLeap page views will come from mobile phones this January. Thus the event pages will now be fully optimized for both mobile and desktop.

“If you want to share photos online, you’re in luck: there are dozens of satisfying, thoughtfully designed ways to do that. But if you want to create an event, until now the process has been pretty uninspired,” says TicketLeap CEO Tim Raybould. “We designed these event pages to change this standard of clunkiness and artlessness that’s silently plagued online event platforms. We’re aggressively defying the standard.”

Another part of the effort was to “supercharge” the social wall feature. The old event pages had walls that visitors could post to, but the team wanted to add something new. If a specific hashtag is added to the event page, TicketLeap will pull in all posts from Twitter and Instagram using the tag.

The benefit of this redesign is to first reach a wider range of users with the mobile optimization, but then to also provide all the relevant event information in a localized spot. That makes the decision to buy tickets for specific events easier and more informed.

And ticket sales are what TicketLeap is really looking forward to with regard to the redesigned platform. Their 2013 fiscal year saw $71 million in ticket sales through the platform alone, and bringing in more users will only launch that number higher in 2014.




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