Tilt-A-Ball, Kokeshme, and Winnow Win Tech Cocktail Celebrate Hackathon

October 25, 2013

6:36 pm

Today at Tech Cocktail Celebrate, our national startup competition, Tilt-A-Ball, Kokeshme, and Winnow took home prizes at the hackathon hosted alongside the main event.

Tilt-A-Ball took home the best hack for their platform. They created a link for anybody to access via their Chrome browser that generated a small digital ball on their screen. Users can tilt their phone to control the ball alongside anybody else who logs onto the link. Additionally, they altered the phone to measure a crowd’s reaction based on hot, red, or cold, blue.

The best mash up category was a tie between Kokeshme and Winnow.

Kokeshme allows users to check in to places and win items for their Japanese-inspired Kokeshi doll avatars. The hacker, Jen, taught herself iOS and Objective C programming in order to make it.

Winnow functions as a Twitter client that makes your feed less noisy. The API crawls your feed, pulls out links, crawls those links for content, and then summarizes them in 350 words or less. Winnow also took home the $150 Zappos gift card prize for the best use of the Plexi API.

This marks the first hackathon that Tech Cocktail has ever brought to Downtown Vegas. It took place at Meet LV and brought developers, engineers, and coders together to create the next killer app.

But it went above simple creation and provided a chance for the participants to make new network connections, teach their techniques to new people, and learn from others about how better to implement APIs or SKDs. In essence, this hackathon was a celebration of brain power.

And it was also a celebration of awesome prizes like Zappos gift cards, Life is Beautiful passes, free time at Work In Progress, and clothing from the Ministry of Supply.

With the help of Jimmy Jacobson and Kyle Kelly organizing the hackathon, we threw a bunch of different ingredients into a mixer and pressed blend. What came out was nothing short of awesome.

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