Time Is Money: Leveraging Today’s Services to Be More Productive

May 21, 2016

7:45 pm

Time is money. Today we’re able to leverage various tools and services to be more efficient, and in doing so creates more time for us to make money.

How many times have we all heard the phrase “time is money”? What does that actually mean?  Where did it come from? And, how can it apply to you? The phrase is usually credited to Benjamin Franklin, who used it in an essay, Advice to a Young Tradesman as far back as 1748. But the actual phrase was also recorded in 1719 in the magazine The Free-Thinker.

The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs cites two earlier references dating as far back as 430 B.C., so it’s obviously been something humans have been saying and thinking for quite sometime. Origin aside, time is a valuable resource; it is finite to us. So, in many cases, it makes sense to do things as quickly as possible so that you don’t waste time. But certainly don’t tell that to an artist or a musician, as the creative process cannot be rushed.

In the video (below) I talk about how services such as Uber and Postmates let you buy your time. Since time is money, I’ll stop writing and let you watch the video below.

Editor’s Note: Hartej Singh Sawhney is the founder of Zuldi, a mobile ordering & mobile payments startup based downtown Las Vegas. He is a special video contributor to Tech.Co’s Fintech channel covering all things the ever-changing fintech landscape.

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Founder of Zuldi, a mobile ordering and mobile payments startup focused on extending your Oracle-Micros POS to iPad and Android Tablets.

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