6 Useful Tips to Improve Your iPhone Photography

January 13, 2016

8:10 pm

It is hard to find an iPhone user isn’t somewhat addicted to photography – ranging from ubiquitous selfies and food photos to quite professional shots. However, only a fraction of them makes an effort to actually learn how to improve the quality of their photos. Here are some basic tips on how to improve your iPhone photography.

1. Use an External Lens

If you are serious about using you iPhone as a professional photography tool, you may consider investing into an external lens…or five. Polarizing, fisheye, wide angle, you name it – there is no need to carry about a 10-pound bag of photo equipment now to take top-notch photos: with a bit of skill you can make amazing shots, even close-ups, with your trusty iPhone.

2. Use the Right Apps

Many iPhone photographers don’t go any further than taking shots with the inbuilt photo app. While it is in no way deficient in and of itself, there are hundreds of alternatives that offer a number of additional functions and options that can significantly improve the overall result. Take a look at the top photo editing apps for iPhone of the year and you are certain to find something that would appeal to you.

3. Take Your Finger Off the Shutter

Failure to understand that results in many blurry photos because people hurry to press as quickly as possible, upsetting the position of the phone in their hands. To avoid it, simply stay as still as possible until the right moment, and gently take the finger off the shutter exactly when it is needed.

4. There Is More than One Way to Release the Shutter

In many cases, the poor quality of photos is the result of nothing else but failure to keep the phone absolutely motionless when you take a shot. If you cannot get the hang of it, remember that there are many ways to release the shutter and improve the stability of the shot. You may use the phone’s entire screen, a remote Bluetooth shutter, the volume buttons or even your Apple headphones to do the job.

5. Use a Tripod

If you want to achieve absolute stability, there is nothing better than a good old tripod. In combination with headphones or other ways of snapping pictures remotely, it becomes an even more versatile tool, ideal for making perfect selphies, among other things.

6. Tap on the Screen to Adjust the Lighting and Change the Focus

You can change the focus of your current shot just by tapping on the screen before taking it. Focus is one of the most important things to consider when you make a photo, so pay attention to it.


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