Tista Games Releases Video Games Following TV Episode Form

March 11, 2013

3:15 pm

The video game industry is quickly evolving to fit a schematic that the movie industry has propagated. That is, big budget projects that are relatively “safe plays” for developers. This is problematic because current game developers spend far too much money on a single title with no indications that the game will be a success. Additionally, when a game is successful the developers have, at most, three to four weeks to reap the fiscal benefit of their hit before a new project steals the spotlight. This is only the tip of the iceberg though, and the founders of Tista Games, Aunim Hossain and Tim Bostaph, are determined to succeed with a completely new and innovative system.

Hossain and Bostaph are using combined experiences from Zynga, Pixar, Twitter, Pocket Gems, Digital Steamworks, and the Game Show Network, along with 25 years of aggregate development experience to attain their goal of becoming the HBO of games. Hossain and Bostaph put it this way, “Tista Games is a platform for regularly scheduled episodic games that keeps players engaged and monetizing for years, not just weeks.” They continue, “We distribute our games through the cloud, with no download required, and release new episodes like television shows: for example, on Tuesdays at 6pm.”

There is method to this new madness though. “By using our episodic model and game development experience, we can validate hits at 20 percent the cost of traditional game developers.  More importantly, when we do have a hit, we can extend the content into several seasons in order to unlock about 4x the lifetime value of one game in comparison to traditional games,” Hossain and Bostaph explain. This new system benefits the entire video game industry. Developers now have considerably cheaper investment opportunities, thus allowing them to take more risks and make more money off their game. Consumers benefit from a vast array of games that will be released in addition to access across a variety of different browsers.

Tista Games differs heavily from their competition in that they are set up on a reliable cloud system and operate with little friction, much like streaming Netflix or Hulu. To ensure users always have access to the most recent version of their game, Tista Games can enter their cloud and alter their episodes without massive patches to be downloaded individually. The team can also track real-time interests and moves so that they may better serve their gaming community at large. Companies like Telltale Games and Steam require users to download and pay for individual games, where a one-time fee allows users to access everything Tista Games has to offer.

This is innovation happening. This is people affecting large scale changes to an industry that is otherwise set in their ways. Tista Games is the future of video games, and they have put a lot of work into their free to play, flagship game Tempus Chronicles. So give it a try, let the team know what you think, and be ready to experience video games like you never have before.

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