5 Tools to Help Startups Reach More Subscribers

January 14, 2016

11:00 am

A website can be an extremely powerful tool for your startup company, especially if the information on it is engaging enough to encourage people to keep coming back and seeing what’s new. Similarly, publishing an email newsletter can help you capitalize on momentum while identifying individuals who are willing to give email addresses in exchange for getting updates about what you’re doing.

However, managing an email list, and perhaps more importantly, helping it expand, can be very time-consuming. Time shortages are common for people who are trying to launch or run startups. Fortunately, many tools help customers connect with you by making it simpler for them to become email list subscribers. We’ll take a closer look at several of them below.

1. SumoMe List Builder

You’re probably already familiar with the pop-up boxes on many websites that ask if you would like to input your email address to sign up for news, freebies and so on. Ideally, these extras don’t interfere with how you use the website, and they’re usually minimally intrusive.

The SumoMe List Builder application could reportedly increase your subscriber list by up to 50 percent, especially if you optimize the pop-up for your website. The application even has a feature that can detect when a person is about to leave your website. At that moment, a pop-up appears, urging the individual to leave their details, and thereby boosting the size of your email subscriber list.

2. Simple Download Monitor

Arguably, one of the easiest ways to encourage people to keep coming back to your startup’s website is to consistently offer interesting downloadable information. Examples include infographics, e-books and topical content that is strategically arranged so it is accessible and easy to digest.

For convenience purposes, consider using a free plug-in that makes it hassle-free for people to download the files they want. One option, called Simple Download Monitor, is a WordPress plug-in that not only facilitates quick downloads, but it also allows you to see how many times the respective files have been accessed. Once you begin to notice a pattern of increased downloads, you’re in a good position to offer people the option of providing email addresses in exchange for downloadable content sent straight to their inboxes.

3. Drip

This is a multi-feature email marketing suite that allows you to do things like:

  • Determine which visitors are most likely to become email list subscribers based on the actions they perform at your website.
  • Send personalized emails for one-off events or ongoing campaigns.
  • Evaluate built-in metrics to see just how well your efforts are working.

One of the many features Drip offers is the ability to tag customers with words or phrases so they are easily identifiable in a database.

4. Upviral

This application has an interactive component that rewards website visitors for inviting friends to see what your startup’s site is about. Therefore, it could help you breathe easier if you’re looking for a way to capitalize on the interest of others to make your email list blossom.

Additional features enable you to build promotional campaigns such as contests and product trials in just a few minutes. As its name suggests, Upviral is a tool that can grow your email list and makes a larger segment of your target audience realize that what your startup is doing deserves attention.

5. Your Cell Phone

There are numerous possibilities to explore when it comes to using text messaging to expand your email list. Commonly, people are asked to send their email addresses to a dedicated phone number to get added to a list.

However, to personalize things a little more, consider inviting people to send text messages with their email addresses to your personal cell phone. For example, if you’re speaking at a conference, you could feature a PowerPoint slide at the end of a presentation that includes the number people should text.

When people text you personally, it undoubtedly requires more work on your behalf because those email addresses will have to be taken from the text messages you receive and manually entered somewhere. However, the fact you’re willing to provide your personal cell phone number may be enough to convince your target audience you’re genuine and you fully stand behind whatever your startup offers.

These five suggestions are just a starting point for any person involved with a startup that needs a bigger email list. Luckily, they could all potentially get lucrative results without a lot of legwork.

Image by Viktor Hanacek

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