7 Tools to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Efforts

July 1, 2016

10:00 pm

Content marketing is huge, and we all know that — right? Many of us have most probably gotten to understand this from our day to day experience as content marketers ourselves, so it is now time to look into how to get our content marketing efforts rolling for success.

Overwhelmed? Worry not, help is here! Here are some of the best and most amazing content marketing tools that you have to try in 2016 to save more time and money and make the most for your business.

1. Google Analytics

Without a doubt Google Analytics is one of the most famous and useful tool available, helping marketers around the world understand what their target audience is looking for and how to offer them what they want.

Finding out the frequency of your customers and readers you have is also essential to creating long-term strategies and measuring the impact of your business.

2. RightlyWritten

With the impressive number of gifted writers out there, you’ll need a great service if you want to get amazing content for your business — and who doesn’t, really!? From blog posts, website content, press releases, whitepapers to product descriptions, there is nothing these guys can’t offer you — and in a great way!

3. Unbounce

Having great content is huge — but nevertheless, not enough. Knowing how to create conversions and how to generate leads is a crucial ability in order to maintain constant residual income. This is where Unbounce can come and lend a helping hand. With basically no technical knowledge whatsoever, you will be able to create, customize and publish wonderful landing pages that will bring you amazing results in no time.

4. Buffer

Buffer will become your social media automation best friend in no time. With the many impressive features it offers, you will immediately sense a clear improvement in all your social media marketing endeavors. With great usability features, Buffer will give you all the data you need to know when is the perfect time to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or on Pinterest, based on when are your followers most active, or what is the perfect thing to post based on engagement analytics. How lovely is that?

5. Feedly

Brainstorming for new, great ideas is something that sounds quite intimidating — how can one plan or create a strategy around that? The answer is simple: Feedly. It’s the best tool out there that can help you track down all of your favorite blogs, online magazines, news sites and inspirational websites. For inspiration and great content ideas, you will just have to follow your Feedly tool.

Plus, it also integrates with social media automation tools like Buffer, so that you can really share great content with your followers, at the perfect time.

6. Canva

We all love great visuals and let’s face it — we are all drawn to them, regardless of whether we love the content in itself or not that much. That is where you need to play up your skills — but hey, not all of us are born artists! Canva is soon to become your new artist best friend, as it will help you create amazing infographics, wonderful images for your social media posts and any other kind of visuals.

7. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is great for automating your social media while you blog. You can plan your content in a great visual drag-and-drop editorial calendar and let those posts in the thoughtful hands of CoSchedule. The second your blog post goes online, CoSchedule will automatically take care of posting the queue of social media messages you planned. It’s easy to use and install, and we are sure you are going to love it.

Content marketing can be hard and time-consuming. But, with the right tools, you can step your game up and build lasting relationships with your readers.

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Naman is a digital marketer and a freelance blogger for hire who shares his knowledge about keyword research and SEO at BloggerMonk.com.

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