The Top 10 Tech Cocktail Posts of the Week

June 1, 2013

12:00 pm

We get it, you’re busy.  You weren’t able to get to every Tech Cocktail post this week; Grumpy Cat is getting his own movie.  Celebration was warranted.  Fear not, because we’ve curated the week’s top 10(ish) posts as determined by the Tech Cocktail editorial team.

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The Top 10(ish) Posts of the Week

  1. 12 Tips for Networking Like a Pro; Young Entrepreneurs Shed Insight
  2. The “Quantified Self” Is Only the First Step to Better Health
  3. From Industry to Entrepreneurship: Lessons from Jay-Z and FieldLens
  4. Interview with the “Fabulous Five,” a Team of High School Girl Programmers
  5. Startups: Are You Working on Memorial Day?
  6. Increase Social Media Influence by Swapping Social Posts with postSwap
  7. Brad Feld on Work Life Balance
  8. Startups Are in the Right Economic Position to Hire Veterans
  9. Play Live-Action Fantasy Sports with Fanamana’s Mobile App
  10. Long Live Bitcoin: CoinLab Surges Ahead While Suing Mt. Gox
  11. 6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Make an Infographic
  12. Entrepreneurship Lessons from Abercrombie & Fitch
  13. Room Champ Helps Event Planners Avoid Unfilled Hotel Rooms
  14. Discover the Right Books for Your Children with Zoobean
  15. How to Make Glowing Plants

What’s On Tap

Nothing new next week, but we’re getting closer to announcing the details of our BIG upcoming national event.  Have you signed up to be the first to get the deets yet?  If not, you can here.

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