Top 10 Android Business Apps

September 18, 2013

3:00 pm

If there is one unifying factor among the Android and iOS platforms, let it be business. We see business women and men split fairly evenly when it comes to picking a side in the smartphone and tablet debate, and each side has its respective strengths. However, the Android platform is still able to tip the scales in its favor, thanks to Adobe Flash, MS Office compatible platforms, and a few extras.

Adobe Flash is built into all necessary Android functions, and powers videos, games, animations, and website graphics. This is particularly helpful if you are a small business and need to show off your flash-powered creations in meetings sans laptop. The office apps go hand in hand with Flash, and while available on both sides of the gauntlet, they thrive under the already MS Office compatible Android.

I always try to harken back to the central theme of third-party customization and extension as it pertains to the Android platform, and business apps are no exception. iOS surely has its fair share, but the third-party developers on Android are able to adapt the status quo and extend it further.

This week’s top 10 business apps to help you become the mogul of your dreams are:

Adobe Flash: This is the key to business presentations and embedded videos thriving on the Android platform. While iOS does not support Flash on its devices, it has become a major staple for the Android community, empowering vector graphics, animations, and rich Internet applications.

Android Office ($5.99): No additional licensing, ads, hidden fees, or upsells to be found on this office platform. Read and edit all your MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, office XML, and CSV files on a straightforward user interface for maximum productivity on the go.

Boomerang (free): This email app extension for Android is fully integrated with Gmail and Google Apps accounts. Use the advanced capabilities like email snoozing, pre-scheduled emails, and response tracking to elevate your use of Gmail to a whole new level on your smartphone and stay organized.

DW Contacts ($9.80): Your stock phone dialer will never be the same after you install this app. Manage both your contacts and phone functions with the in-call widget to write and view notes about your call, filter contacts based on groups, configure the entire aesthetic layout, and search contacts based on attributes.

Expense Manager (free): Manage all the expenses of your accounts, clients, or business directly on your smartphone. The platform boasts an ad-free experience, and you can tap extensive capabilities that allow you to manage monthly overheads, record expenses, and set monthly limits.

Jiffy (free): Jiffy, the time tracker app, was conceived, designed, and developed for people who need to master their time schedules. Operating similarly to a stopwatch, you can stay on top of clients, projects, days, formal projects, tasks, or repeated jobs

MD Scanner ($4.99): This is the app to have if you have no access to your office scanner and need a digital copy of your handwritten notes, meeting notes, or itinerary immediately. Simply snap a photo of whatever you need, and you have a PDF file for uploading, emailing, or printing instantly.

Mobile Biz Pro (limited time $4.70): Designed for small businesses, Mobile Biz Pro can create PDF estimates, remind you to send billing orders, send payment receipts, and track your inventory. That is only a small fraction of what this app can do, and it’s on sale, marked down from $22, for a limited time.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 ($14.99): Currently installed on over 100 million devices in more than 205 countries, OfficeSuite Pro 7 lets you view, create, edit, print, and share MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on the go. It includes a file browser, full HD viewing, and is fully integrated with cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive.

Olive Office Premium (free): This app accomplishes the same basic function of the aforementioned office apps, but it is totally free and operates on a simplified platform. It also offers language support for English, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and German, and will not sap your device’s RAM.


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