The Top 10 Android Games

October 10, 2013

9:00 am

Whatever the productive and daily uses for our Android device, there remains one constant for wasting time: playing games. Nothing beats a great mobile game to burn time on your cross-country flight, alleviate the headache at the DMV, or to take your mind off the stress of the day before bed.

There are a lot of people out there who argue that iOS is triumphant over Android when it comes to games. But once again, and you probably know what I am going to say here, the open platform on Android allows for games to hit the market instantly while iOS users have to wait for optimized versions, if they even make the cut.

The different games listed here will never have to wait in a cue line for approval on the iOS platform because they are exclusively for Android. Challenge your brain, improve your coordination, and blow off some steam; whatever you do, make sure to play them while sitting near one of your iOS-using friends and enjoy.

This week’s top 10 Android games are:

Alchemy (free): There are plenty of Alchemy-style games out there, but this is by far my favorite one. You start with the four basic elements of life, fire, water, earth, and air. Combine them to create new elements, and embark upon a challenge to discover all 390 combinations.

Air Control ($2.49): This game is bare-bones, no doubt about it. However, it is addictive and to say it is challenging is an understatement. You, as the air traffic controller, must direct airplanes and helicopters to their specific landing zones while avoiding collisions.

Crysallight Defense ($2.95): An extremely comprehensive tower defense game, you will get hours of gameplay out of this one. You can mix and match crystals together to create strong and unique towers while speeding up time and forcing enemy waves: the Iron Monsters will not stand a chance.

Fishin’ 2 Go ($1.99): This game is reminiscent of fishing from Ocarina of Time, but has better graphics and controls. Mimic the movements you would use in real life when casting, retrieving the lure, and bringing the fish in. It makes use of your accelerometer and vibration functions to provide a realistic experience.

Mr. Legs ($0.99): This game can be summed up in three words: weird but fun. You control Mr. Legs to eat as many cherries as possible in this side-scrolling creation. Stretch him super tall to walk fast or very low to walk slowly. Just watch out for birds and bombs on your journey.

Refraction ($1.99): I love puzzle games, and this is by far the most challenging one I have ever encountered. It is based on the physics of refraction, and you have to use prisms and mirrors to split and redirect lasers. Mix and match different-colored laser beams to get them to their right target receptors.

Robo Defense ($2.99): Part of what makes this tower defense so awesome is that it features open terrain maps. That is, the minions that spawn have no set path and can be funneled into any pattern you lay your towers out in. There are 5 different maps with unlimited upgrades and difficulty levels.

Shapes & Sound – TheShapeShooter ($0.99): You control a central shape that can morph between square, triangle, and circle, and the key is to absorb incoming squares, triangles, or circles accordingly. This self-anointed rock, paper, scissors, meets asteroids will put your mental reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the ultimate test.

Toast Time ($2.49): This breakfast-themed digital madness is, as the developer says, the best thing since sliced bread. This arena shoot-em-up mixed with tower defense elements is a throwback to the old school arcade game where you play as TERRY (toast-ejecting recoil & reload system). Toast, crumpets, and other breakfast paraphernalia are your weapons against beasties.

X Construction ($1.49): This game provides you a set amount of supports and steel girders to successfully direct a train across a ravine safely. The realistic physics might make you want to pull your hair out when your bridge falls to pieces before your eyes. But it is all worth it when you finally get that train across.


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