Top 10 Job Titles That Didn’t Exist in 2008

March 19, 2015

10:00 am

While 2008 doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, our rapid development of technology makes it much easier to believe that it was, in fact, seven years ago. Looking back, I was still an undergraduate in college and a BlackBerry was the most tech-savvy thing I owned – I mean..a damn BlackBerry. As our technology has evolved, it has produced a wave of changes throughout our society – from the ways through which which interact with our mobile phones, to the increasing role of smartphones in the American work economy. While job titles like “social media manager” and “UX designer” may be a part of today’s norm, such jobs were still very much in their nascency back in 2008 (or completely nonexistent). According to LinkedIn, there are 10 job titles that are some of today’s most popular, yet didn’t exist in 2008.

According to an infographic published by LinkedIn last year, today’s top 10 job titles didn’t even exist or were yet to develop into top jobs back in 2008. Back then, popular social media sites like Twitter were still only used by early adopters, while some of today’s top apps, like Instagram, didn’t even exist yet; we were still very much in the development stages of Web 2.0. Looking at their own data up to 2013, LinkedIn analyzed the top 10 job titles currently in the work economy that barely existed or didn’t even exist seven years ago. To the surprise of no one, eight of them fall within the technology industry, while the remaining two were in fitness (“Zumba instructor” comes in at third place, while “beachbody coach” ranked eighth).

Take a look at LinkedIn’s observations in the infographic below:

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