The Top 10 Jobs of 2016

October 26, 2016

4:30 pm

The job market is transforming. With innovative technologies and budding startups creating a substantial paradigm shift in the employment field, more and more people are trying to figure out what they are going to do about their careers. Should you focus on salary? Is doing something you love really that important? Are perks more important than work-life balance?

CareerCast decided to take matters into their own hands by listing out some of the best jobs of the year. They employed four core criteria to make sure every one of the 200 professions they studied got a fair shake. Between stress, environment, income, and future outlook, some professions came out on top while others suffered a poor score.

Take a look at the top five professions as researched by CareerCast and make sure you are making the right choice about your future career:

1. Data Scientist

Whether it’s because of the seemingly endless growth outlook (+16 percent) or the typically high salary ($128,240 per year), data scientists topped the list for their future-focused field and their undeniably high level of schooling.

2. Statistician

Because of the popularity of big data in recent years, having a statistician on the payroll is more important as time goes on. With a staggeringly high growth outlook (+34 percent) and a more than respectable salary ($79,990 per year), it might be time to start taking a few math classes.

3. Information Security Analyst

Cyber security is becoming a necessity for big companies and small startups alike. That makes Information Security Analysts a hot commodity on the job market. And with high salaries ($88,890 per year) and high growth outlook (+18 percent), it’s no wonder they’re so high on this list.

4. Audiologist

With one of the highest growth outlooks on the list (+29 percent), audiologists are going to be in need for years to come, particularly with aging Baby Boomers in need of health care. Plus, their respectable salaries ($73,060 per year) aren’t too shabby either.

5. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Despite a lower salary ($62,540 per year) than most of the other professions on the list, the high growth outlook (+24 percent) is promising for future candidates. They will always be in high demand due to advancements in ultrasound technology that make the process more instructive to physicians.

 6. Mathematician

The growing need for mathematicians in the private sector is what is driving this profession to the top of the list. With much higher salaries than most ($103,720 per year) and a growth outlook for (+21 percent), math isn’t just for the cool kids anymore.

7. Software Engineer

IT jobs are integral to the success of almost every single company in the world today. And with high salaries ($97,990 per  year) and even higher growth outlook (+17%), being a software engineer seems like a no-brainer.

8. Computer Systems Analyst

Have you noticed a lot of these jobs have to do with computers? This one is no different. Companies need their computers to ruin smoothly and are willing to shell out the big bucks ($82,710 per year) for them. And because computers aren’t going anywhere, the growth outlook (+21 percent) is pretty great.

9. Speech Pathologist

There are patients young and old that need help with this specific health care niche. And with an impressive yearly salary ($71,550 per year) and a growth outlook (+21 percent) that will lead to plenty of jobs, speech pathology might be in your future.

10. Actuary

Risk is always going to be an issue for companies. And with an actuary, they’ll be able to get ahead of it, making for a considerably high growth outlook (+18 percent). So much so that they offer huge salaries ($96,700 per year) to lock them down.

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