The Top 10 Stories of the Week: DC’s Zoobean on Shark Tank, Defining Work-Life Balance, and How the Virginia Tech Tragedy Led Fred Cook to Entrepreneurship

April 19, 2014

12:49 pm

Did you miss out on one (or five) of Tech Cocktail’s posts from this week? It’s okay. We want to let you know that we forgive you; we totally get it. You’re a busy person, with a lot of things on your mind and equally as many things to do. You had people to meet, places to be, and tacos to eat. No worries, though, because we’ve curated this week’s top 10(ish) posts as determined by the Tech Cocktail editorial team. Need more Tech Cocktail? Sign up for the Tech Cocktail newsletter today, and get the weekly wrap-up direct to your inbox.

  1. Watch DC-Based Zoobean on Shark Tank This Friday: The husband and wife team from DC’s Zoobean were selected to pitch on the popular ABC show. Did you tune in to see how their children’s books and apps recommendation platform fared with the Sharks?
  2. Who is Boise’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [POLL]: This upcoming Wednesday, we are having our Tech Cocktail Mixer & Startup Showcase in Boise. Have you voted for your favorite Boise startup?
  3. 12 People Define Work-Life Balance in 1 Sentence: Nowadays, it seems as if achieving the perfect formula for work-life balance has become the new American Dream. From feeling like you’re in control of both your work life and your home life, to simply experiencing life at this very moment, 12 entrepreneurs and professionals define “work-life balance”.
  4. Watch Sheryl Sandberg on the Colbert Report [VIDEO]: The author of Lean In and COO of Facebook went on Colbert to share a few points from her book. I’m sure you’ll “like” it – get it? (Spoiler: Colbert is funnier than me).
  5. Leadership is Situational, Integrity is Not: Leadership requires fluidity, and great leaders adjust their leadership style per situation; however, great leaders also know that the set of principles upon which they operate their companies – and their own lives – should never change.
  6. TechShop DC-Arlington Opens in Crystal City: TechShop – known around the U.S. for its comprehensive maker space – opened up its 8th location in the nation’s capital this week. If you’re in  the area, take advantage of their discounted membership packages.
  7. Brighten App Shows Some Promise: Why Apps Like Secret Might Not Be the Answer: Anonymous apps like Secret have led to some nasty commentary amongst peers. This new app aims to use anonymity to create and support positivity, instead.
  8. 6 Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye on Now: Marketing is incessantly changing and developing, and startups need to keep up with these developments in order to maintain a steady flow of customers. From developing a diverse social medias strategy, to engaging in social listening, these are the marketing trends you should be watching.
  9. How Machine Learning Can Improve Customer Satisfaction: The New York Times does a great job of recommending articles that actually pertain to my interests. Netflix also succeeds at predicting my preferred movie genres via its personalized, curated lists. In what other ways is machine learning being utilized to satisfy our online needs and desires?
  10. How Moveline’s Fred Cook Overcame Tragedy with Entrepreneurship [VIDEO]: Moveline’s Fred Cook was recently interviewed on The Downtown Podcast, and we learn his personal journey from having lived through the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting to becoming an entrepreneur.
  11. iOS vs. Android: App Development and Consumer Experience Comparison: The seemingly interminable conflict: Android and iOS – which mobile operating system is better? We take a look at the various pros and cons when it comes to actually developing apps on each, as well as how consumers respond to either.
  12. Who is San Francisco’s Hottest Showcasing Startup [POLL]?: On Thursday, Tech Cocktail is holding its San Francisco Mixer & Startup Showcase. Vote now for your favorite SF startup!
  13. Tune in Friday to See Dallas’s iLumi on Shark Tank: Did Dallas’s iLumi survive last night’s Shark Tank? I won’t spoil it for you (mainly because I didn’t get to watch it), but their smartphone-controllable LED lightbulbs sure are neat.
  14. No Silly Apps Here: Meet the 10 Startups at SparkLabKC’s Demo Day: Check out which 10 startups in the fields of telecom, energy, health care, agriculture, and engineering have been working out of SparkLabKC these past four months.
  15. Xeelion: Crowdfunding for College Entrepreneurs: Is there room in the market for another crowdfunding platform.? In an industry that’s expected to reach $10 billion in investments by the end of this year alone, college entrepreneurs certainly deserve a piece of that pie.

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