Top 20 Cities for Singles

February 10, 2015

9:00 pm

I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day – a day to look at the several ways through which couples try (and fail) to impress their significant others; it’s great. Except, just kidding. I actually very much hate Valentine’s Day – not so much for the very public displays of affection (although, those morning posts on each other’s Facebook walls expressing excitement “to see each other tonight” are a bit over the top), but more because of the whole idea behind it: a day committed to expressing your love and devotion for that special someone in your life through exaggerated acts and expensive gifts. That’s dumb, y’all.

Or, maybe, it’s just because I’m single – but I’m sure I’m not the only single person who thinks and feels the same way. Thankfully, I can take solace in the fact that I live in one of the best cities for singles, so there are many other single people out there with whom I can share these thoughts. According to a recent ranking of the top cities for singles in the United States, NYC placed in 17th place with 57.84 percent of the NYC population currently unmarried. It seems, though, that if you want to be single and lovin’ it, you have to move to Boston, which placed 1st in the rankings. Silk.Co recently took this data from NerdWallet and transformed them through its data visual platform.

To determine these cities, NerdWallet looked at three different factors in each city: 1) the overall percentage of unmarried people over the age of 15 years; 2) the affordability of a three-course meal for two and two movie tickets at a midrange restaurant; and 3) the number of arts, entertainment, and similar social venues. With these considerations in mind, this ranking of the top cities for singles implies that a “top city” is one in which singles are free to frolic and play with other singles (and not, as I hoped, the best cities where singles are free to sit at home alone, watching The Mindy Project on repeat without any judgment).

NerdWallet went even further and ranked top cities for singles per women and per men. When broken down into these categories, we find that the West Coast is a better place for women who are single – with San Francisco placing 1st (a city that doesn’t even appear on the list of top cities for men). According to the data, there are 101 single men in San Francisco for every 100 single women. For men, it seems that Baltimore is the hot spot, where there are 125 single women for every 100 single men.

If you’re gay (e.g., me), you’ll see that the rankings are really more representative of straight, single people. According to NerdWallet, this is due to a lack of specific data on whether these men and women are straight or gay (so, naturally, their analysis is on the assumption that these singles are hetero). It doesn’t matter, Valentine’s Day sucks regardless.


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