Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Week: Mekorama, Madhat, More

May 23, 2016

6:00 pm

Sometimes you just fall in love with what you see on your smartphone screen; sometimes you love the experience, sometimes you don’t. Yes, there are various reasons why we love great apps, and I have to tell you the truth, I fall in love – I think – every week. Here is a list of apps I think you should definitely check out this week.


Since my iPhone is always to hand, I take pictures all the time, and share them with family and friends. But how about adding a personal touch; maybe a bit of humor in the form of an animation on top of the image? That’s where Madhat comes in handy: Madhat can turn your photos into videos by animating and playing back your doodles on photos in many ways. Try it for yourself. Download Madhat from the App Store for free.


Rescue Birds

If you love games, you may have already played Angry Birds. With Rescue Bird, however, you don’t throw the birds but free them by shooting power balls of different sizes and special powers using a slingshot to set free the birds who are trapped in cages. Can you rescue them all? Download Rescue Birds for free from the App Store.


Lotti Dotti

If you are tired of connecting-the-dots games, here is Lotti Dotti, a nice little game that will relax your brain and keep your hands busy for a while. Collect the green dots and avoid the red ones, because they will make your collector smaller. Download Lotti Dotti from the App Store or Google Play.



If you want to enjoy well-designed, relaxing gameplay with awesome challenges, you should definitely try Mekorama. It’s a puzzle game in which you help an endearing robot stumble home through 50 mechanical dioramas. Also, you can build your own dioramas with the included level editor; just tap to place building blocks such as grass, stone motors and robots. Mekorama is free as long as you like. Then you decide: pay what you think it’s worth. Download Mekorama from the App Store or Google Play.


Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art

Do you like arts? How about paintings? Put together 40 paintings by artist Mandie Manzano by playing by your own rules: You can choose the level of difficulty of the puzzle – from 12 to 2,000 pieces per puzzle – and deciding whether the pieces rotate or not. Are you willing to take the challenge? Download Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art from the App Store for free.



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