Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Week: Pixsmash, MindNode, and More

September 6, 2016

10:20 am

It doesn’t matter if you are young or younger, the App Store and Google Play have tons of goodies that will help you organize your schedule, plans, and have fun – all you need is your iPhone or Android smartphone. So, without further ado, here is my app recipe for this week.


If you haven’t yet done so, maybe it’s time to challenge your friends using this quiz game called Pixsmash. You get up to four pictures, and you have to guess a word by tapping the right letters. There are various categories – terms, movies, celebrities and much more – which means plenty of variety! You can invite your friends by messenger or email, and solve the task as fast as possible to get the most points. Oh, and you can also win real prizes. Download Pixsmash from the App Store or Google Play for free!



It’s fun time! Want to become a cute kitty or a funny clown? Snap includes a wide variety of Motion Stickers with various themes so you need only use the camera and let Snap do the rest with the help of your input. Motion Switch, for example, gives you a real-time face-switch experience. You can also record videos and share them to your Moments. I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it a lot. Download Snap from Google Play for free!


Scurry Board

Inspired by Tiny Wings, Flappy Bird and Crossy Road, the game Scurry Board will certainly fill your free minutes while commuting or the like. The idea is to hover-skate as far as you can, all while avoiding trees, rocks and other obstacles. Oh, and keep your eye on the missile launchers that are trying to take you out. Download Scurry Board from the App Store for free!



This an app that will help you in your daily life to become more creative with less effort. MindNode will help you visualize your ideas, starting with a central thought. You can grow from there, as it allows you to brainstorm, organize and share your thoughts in an intuitive way. The clean interface really allows you to focus on the idea and create what they call a “mind map”. The app allows you to create connections between otherwise unrelated topics, add photos and stickers to illustrate your ideas, rearrange thoughts and hide entire branches, and so much more. Download MindNode from the App Store ($9.99).


SOS Doctor Housecall — Doctor Visits on Demand

I’m pretty sure you already spent hours in ER or Urgent Care, so you might recall the stress you experienced there. SOS Doctor Housecall tries to solve this matter by bringing healthcare to you. In other words, you can forget about waiting rooms, traffic or skipped work. SOS Doctor House Call is an app that connects Users/Patients with Providers to effortlessly facilitate on-demand, same-day service and medical house calls at the touch of a button. Download SOS Doctor Housecall from the App Store for free!


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