Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Week: Wonder, Canva, and More

July 25, 2016

5:04 pm

Music so deeply integrated into my life: I listen to music while working, while going out for a run, sometimes when I go for a ride with my bike, while helping my wife with housework etc. Although I love re-listening to my favourite songs, it’s important to discover new ones and new talents as well, which I can share it with my friends and family. And since I’ve spotted a few cool apps related to music, I’ve added them to my weekly app roundup. Check them out below.


You may love it or hate it, find it boring or listen to it exclusively, but indie music, for me, is great. And discovering awesome new music is even greater. Wonder is a platform that allows users to follow new artists and find new music as soon as it is released. It’s focused on indie music and allows you to listen, star and discover music you like from indie artists. Its starring feature requires a SoundCloud account, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Download Wonder from the App Store for free and start listening to music!



This next app isn’t a music-related one, but is just as fun and addictive: Bangers is the iPhone app that gives you the tools to play and remix dance music hits and even create your own. It provides you with very simple tools and hot music styles such as electro, future, deep, etc. as well as more than 70 tracks. Bangers allows you to mix them in your own style. If the above music is your style, you may be able to master it soon. If not, learn some remixing skills by using Bangers as a game. Download Bangers for free from the App Store — after a 7 day trial subscription options will be offered.


Dots & Co

Speaking of games, you can’t get through a week without a great new game, so here is it: Dots & Co. It’s super easy; you just need to connect the dots to pass all of the 155 new levels while meeting various original companion characters. Those characters will help you beat levels. Try it yourself: download Dots & Co from the App Store for free.



I’m sure you’ll love this one: Canva allows you to customize your photos by placing them into hundreds of beautifully designed templates, and then tweak them so they suit your needs. It’s very simple and fun to use: choose a layout and select your photo. From that moment on the magic begins: unleash your creative side by adding various illustrations, filters, graphics and more. Download Canva for free from the App Store.


Guardian Circle

Guardian Circle is a free app that lets friends, family and neighbours protect each other. After creating an account, you can invite select contacts to be your Guardians (there is no limit here) and when you find yourself in a time of need, you can create an alert in seconds and rank it by type: emergency, urgent or request. The app will send out a notification to your Guardians alongside your message and location. It’s a very useful app, download Guardian Circle from the App Store for free.



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