Top 5 Conferences to Attend for Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30

March 28, 2016

12:43 pm

Anyone who wants to attend a tech conference will likely be confused by the number of options on offer. You don’t want to waste your money as an entrepreneur because the chances are you have little of it and most of it will go on your product management platform. Use your conference funds wisely by choosing one of the five conferences.

They are perfect for young entrepreneurs because they are high-energy and actually geared towards them. Forget about sticking around with stuffy executives because this lectures and workshops will give you real, actionable advice you can identify with.


Back in 2013, HustleCon started. This is managed by 25-year-old Sam Parr, who is an entrepreneur in himself. The crowd here includes a lot of techies, but there are also lots of non-techie founders as well. If you are in the tech industry but you’re not massively into the jargon, this conference strikes the right balance between the two.

Attendees here will learn how to begin a successful business right from the very bottom. Previous attendees have included Matthew Brimer and Arum Kang, both well-known for starting successful companies on low budgets.


If you are younger than most and you want to get ahead of your peers HOBY is an interesting conference to attend. This is one of the few conferences where all the attendees are between the ages of 15 to 16. You will experience three to four days of leadership training. There are multiple workshops where you can learn the value of building communities in growing businesses.

This event is not so much about the business side of being an entrepreneur but about becoming a future leader who can inspire people to follow them. It’s arguably far more important than anything else.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) National Conference

The CEO National Conference is an event that’s designed to celebrate the entrepreneurship of college students. It teaches what most people don’t hear about in Silicon Valley. Many of these students have stayed in school and are running their businesses. By juggling both at once they have a lot to teach about a work life balance and effective time management, which are two things that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with.

You will hear from entrepreneurs with lots of inspiring stories and more than a few takeaways. If you are in the area at the time, this is the ideal conference to attend to learn how others managed to do it.


Young people are full of energy and they need to harness that energy in a positive way. One tech conference for young people is the TEDxTeen conference. This is a conference that gets straight to the point. It’s about inspiring young people by putting them in an environment where they can get pumped up about their ideas and how they can go about impacting the world.

This is not just about leveraging technology to make money. It’s about doing that while making a positive difference in the lives of people around you, and that’s what this conference wants to ram home.

Nexus Global Youth

The Nexus Global Youth conference is the one event on this list that can truly brag about its international feel. There are over 2,000 people represented at this conference from 70 countries. The focus is less on tech and more about impact investing and how to use your creations to change the world. Philanthropy is a big issue here and many people attending are looking out for the next big thing that’s going to solve the world’s problems.

What this conference is good at is taking down the barriers put up against young entrepreneurs who are often excluded from such conversations. This is your chance to make yourself heard. If you are using your technology for social good, this is the conference that could take you to the next level.

Can These Conferences Change Your Business?

These conferences may not be directly aimed at tech entrepreneurs all the time, but they do have the potential to change your business. Research states that small meetings in these settings are 91 percent of people’s preferred method of communication. If you focus on the tech part of your business all the time, you are not seeing the big picture. You are not concentrating on the marketing aspect and how the wider world perceives your products and services.

As an entrepreneur, it’s good to target a variety of conferences, even if they aren’t exclusively targeted towards techies.

How will you use conferences to change your business today?


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AJ Agrawal is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. He is the CEO and Co-Founder at Alumnify Inc.

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