Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Weekend: Roll With Friends, Flyp, Yentle, and More

February 13, 2016

11:15 am

Maybe some of you already took Friday off, because this is the weekend you’ve been waiting for: Valentine’s weekend. However, you may still find some time to spend in the company of your smartphone, so here are some apps I recommend checking out . . . because you could use them to surprise your valentine.

Roll with Friends – Yatzy Edition

While it isn’t exactly a Valentine’s Day game, I simply couldn’t resist adding this one to the list: Roll with Friends – Yatzy Edition is a fun, turn-based multi-player game that supports Voice Over, so everyone can enjoy the best experience. The developers, Pangia Games, won “Best Game of the Year” for 2014 and 2015 from one of the top blogs for blind and low-vision users of Apple products – AppleVis. They get daily emails from the visual impaired thanking them for developing games that allow them to play, compete, and keep in touch with friends, so they don’t have to feel as though they are disabled in any way. So, download Roll with Friends, their latest game, for free from the App Store.



Sometimes you just don’t want to reveal your personal cell phone number to someone, but you want him or her to call you. That’s why Flyp could be the right choice for you: You can have one or more real US phone numbers on your smartphone. By the way, your first Flyp number is free (for a limited time). Of course, there are associated costs, but it is well worth it: You pay $2.99 per month for each additional Flyp number or $29.99 per year per phone number. You decide. Download Flyp from the App Store (it also offers an Apple Watch app) or Google Play for free.


Eva – be real

There is a new video social network in “town” called Eva. The app allows users to record unlimited videos, which are then stored on a secure cloud so you can keep your memories for an unlimited time. You may want to post a video just for your valentine, and that’s why Eva has private accounts, which restricts the video to followers only. Try it out for yourself by downloading Eva from the App Store for free.



Do you have a secret crush? You can now find out whether he or she loves you using the Yentle app. It uses a simple trick: You get a code, and then a challenge. You will need to share it with your special crush. It is up you (the user) how you do that. The code can be typed into the app or Yentle website to match up secret admirers, and if both sides express interest, the user will get a notification of a secret crush. From that moment on, it all depends on you. Yentle is a free download from the App Store / Google Play, but the Yentle code costs $0.99.



Developed by 13-year-old Mercer Henderson and launched specifically for Valentine’s Day, Audiots enables everyone to send “real” smooches via iMessage. The app features custom sounds for 50+ emojis (the first one developed was the kissy face emoji – of course! – with a sweet smooch sound). So, go ahead and send emojis with sound effects to your valentine! Audiots is available as a free download from the App Store.



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