Top 2010 April Fools Jokes From The Web

April 1, 2010

12:00 pm

Have you fallen for an April Fools joke or two today? Don’t sweat it, we have too. So we decided to help point out the various companies embracing this day of pranks by doing a quick April Fools Day round-up from around the Web. Let us know which Aprils Fools joke you like the best in our April Fools Day poll (below).

So here it goes:

Google Renames Itself Topeka – That’s right the popular search engine and advertising giant Google has decided to rename itself after Topeka, Kansas. This comes after early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas announced that his city was changing its name to Google.

topeka google

Topeka the new name for Google

Toshiba TubeTop, World’s First Inflatable Laptop – This new laptop with an inner tube attached to the bottom, inflates in minutes for hours of enjoyment while swimming or lounging in the pool or even the bathtub. Check out the video (below) for more details about the Toshiba TubeTop.

Hootsuite offers a 3D Social Media Dashboard – With much of the film industry going 3D, the social media dashboard has decided to do the same by launching Hootsuite 3D.

hootsuite 3D

Hootsuite 3D

Funny or Die acquired by Justin Beiber, Renamed Beiber or Die – Funny or Die was acquired by teen pop star Justin Beiber and he promptly turned it into the 24×7 all Bieber video site renaming it Beiber or Die. Check out the video (below).

ABC Network Launches All New Programming – If you are looking for a new television fix you might want to check out the ABC Network today as they have launched a few new programs which include The Blind Sayid, Flasher Forward, W (series that comes after V), Babies and Puppies, Dancing with the tsars, Brothers and Sisters (Priests & Nuns), Lost Luggage, The New Extreme Wipeout, TGIF, Empty House, Grey’s Astronomy and All My Children.

Grey's Astronomy

Grey's Astronomy

An Alternative to ZocDoc?!ZocDoc, the startup that helps users book doctor appointments online, has just pointed us to a new competitor called SockDoc. The site offers a little laughter, because “laughter is the best medicine.”


SockDoc Launches

Etsy Changes It’s Name to Esty – Though there is no official word from Etsy, I mean Esty on this name change, the screen-shot below speaks for itself.

Etsy now Esty

Etsy is now Esty?

Hulu Training and Orientation Video Leaked – If you view Hulu on April 1st you might encounter a chance to watch videos in 3D. Well not exactly, but instead you will learn more about Hulu and it’s secret plan. Watch the video.

Kodak Launches Aromatography – The ultimate sensory experience has been launched by Kodak, where you can use your sense of smell while viewing photos online. Dr. Harold Museau, PhD., inventor of Aromatography, explains the process in this video (below).

Wikipedia Features Wife Selling – Today Wikipedia has selected “Wife Selling” as it’s featured topic.

Wikipedia Wife Selling? Really?

Wikipedia Wife Selling? Really?

Google Translate for Animals – The Google Android application has now expanded to also include animal translations. Check out the video (below).

LivingSocial Launches Deal Jungle – Today on LivingSocial the banana bonus deal of the day is offering one potty trained finger monkey for only $2. In talking with folks from LivingSocial, the Deal Jungle may be here to stay but the potty trained finger monkey deal is only while supplies last. 🙂

One Potty Trained Finger Monkey on LivingSocial's Deal Jungle

One Potty Trained Finger Monkey on LivingSocial's Deal Jungle

Just so everyone is clear, we are not changing out name to TECH kool-aid, though that does have a nice ring to it. 🙂

Finally, don’t forget to tell us which April Fools Day joke you liked the best by taking this quick poll (above).

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