How Does Your City Fare in a Ranking of Cities by % of Women in Tech?

June 24, 2014

9:25 am

The average percentage of women in tech is 29%, but some cities do significantly better, reported RJMetrics today.

Their analysis looked at the biggest tech meetup in the 50 biggest cities, using names to determine gender. Here are the cities with above-average percentages of women:

top cities for women in tech

Source: RJMetrics

Among the top 17 are cities like Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Seattle, Austin, and DC. Some cities of note that were below average:

  • Boston: 28.03%
  • San Francisco: 25.74%
  • Pittsburgh: 25.18%
  • Boulder: 24.27%
  • Philadelphia: 23.65%
  • Chicago: 23.51%
  • San Diego: 20.28%
  • Denver: 17.12%

Why is Vegas the only city with a majority of women in tech? RJMetrics speculates it’s because of the city’s female mayor and low pay gap. Having a female mayor was correlated with more women in tech, while having a female meetup organizer (which is true of 22% of tech meetups) was not.

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