6 of the Top 10 Entry-Level Jobs Are in Tech

May 12, 2014

10:15 am

Today, the financial community WalletHub released its 2014 Entry-Level Jobs Report, and tech jobs took the spotlight as some of the best opportunities for new graduates.

Six of the top 10 entry-level jobs are in tech: 

Source: WalletHub

It’s no surprise that tech is an attractive industry lately. Salaries are high, everyone and their brother is looking for developers, and sitting in front of a computer doesn’t come with many occupational hazards (besides carpal tunnel, perhaps). In fact, WalletHub found that the top three most popular job openings are all different types of engineers. Information security analyst was one of the fastest-growing jobs, with 36.5% growth expected by 2022. 

WalletHub compared 109 entry-level jobs on 11 different metrics: immediate opportunities (starting salary, number of job openings, unemployment rate, and education requirements), growth prospects (projected job growth, income growth potential, on-the-job training, median salary, and median tenure), and hardship (occupational injuries and number of people working over 40 hours).

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