Top Five Apps to Check Out This Week: Gluru, Inkboard, Swipe it, and More

September 4, 2015

6:00 pm

Now that the weekend has already started, it’s time to unleash the silly, creative you. It’s time to have fun! That’s why this week I put together a top five list of apps that will challenge your creativity, your silliness, and much more!

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We witnessed the birth of virtual private assistants: After Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and M, here is another virtual assistant that it available as an Android app and on the Web: Gluru. It was built using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and contextual information processing, and it aims to bring an upgrade to your productivity. Its three main features are as follows: (1) It looks at your agenda and presents you with the meetings you have scheduled for the day; (2) It predicts and presents files and contacts you may be working on at a specific moment; (3) You can search for specific documents across all connected platforms (think Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.). You can now download Gluru for free, and an iOS version is in the works. Gluru for Android [download link]

gluru app


Whether it’s a blank (digital) paper or an image, with Inkboard you can make it more colorful than ever. Actually, Inkboard is great for almost everything that involves your creativity: You can draw on photos using realistic drawing tools (I particularly loved the realistic effects you get while using them), or sketch out drawings on a blank canvas. But best of all: It’s free and very easy to use. Inkboard for iOS [download link]

inkboard app

Swipe It

Imagine an evening with the family and add tons of laughter: That’s what Swipe It aims to bring to the dinner table. As its name suggests, you just swipe the cards and, more importantly, accept the challenge! Unleash your creative and silly side, and have fun! Swipe It for iOS [download link]

swipe it app

Google Street View

What I like in this particular app are the stunning photo spheres you get when you open the app. You can explore landmarks across the globe, discover natural wonders, and virtually step inside locations such as museums, restaurants, and more with the help of this nicely designed app. And what’s more, you can enrich the content by creating your own photo spheres using your iPhone’s camera without the need of any accessory (just a spherical camera). Google Street View for iOS [download link]

google street view app


Since I shoot tons of videos on my iPhone, a great video editor is always handy. If I want to create a short “trailer” from my footage, I have iMovie (always helpful), but if I want to quickly edit files, I now have Clips. It’s a nice app with features such as splitting, duplicating, trimming clips, mixing audio, and more. I particularly love that it has all the basic tools you need to edit a short movie on the go. Packed into a nice-and-easy-to-use interface (and a tutorial when you first launch the app), this app could become the on-the-go video editing tool of many. Clips for iOS [download link]

clips app

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