Top Five Apps to Download This Weekend

August 14, 2015

5:00 pm

After a hot and hectic week nothing is better than some time spent by yourself: Just relax and have fun. As such, here are the best five apps you should definitely check out: They range from games, through food delivery, and up to app designed for contractors to create quotes and proposals for clients.

Zombie Hunter

It may sound familiar to you that humanity needs a hero. And this could be you: Save humans from evil zombies, and shoot them down one by one! It will hook you to your iPhone, just as it did with me. And you know what? I’m just one of the 5 million people who downloaded Zombie Hunter. To celebrate this important milestone, Genera Games has pushed out an update that brings improved superzombies, new weapons (like a shotgun), and an improved mission editor. They’re even giving away an M16 in-game to every player! Download Zombie Hunter iOS / Android

zombie hunter app

Bento Now

If you live in San Francisco, I’m sure you’ll love Bento Now. You can get delicious Asian food prepared fresh daily by a staff led by Chef Mattin Noblia, a renowned chef from Top Chef Season 6. The guys have just expanded their delivery hours (11 a.m.–10 p.m.), and it is important to note that Bento Servers are employees not contractors. Unfortunately, it is currently available only in San Francisco, but hopefully they will expand soon to other cities as well! Download Bento Now for iOS / Android

bento now app


The JobFlex app just went live on Google Play. It is aimed at contractors and service professionals who want to create quick and easy quotes on the go. While most contractor apps focus on invoicing, JobFlex focuses on high-impact estimates in the field, complete with images, a quick access materials list and a wide variety of customization options. If you are a contractor, you should definitely check out this app! Download JobFLEX for Android

jobflex app

Beaver Smash

It’s time for a game that will test your concentration, and speed: Beaver Smash. The app packs enough features to become addictive: It requires 100% focus and has more than 100 levels. You travel the globe tapping beavers – you need to tap them to save the threes. There are more than a dozen Beaver types, and most have special abilities you’ll need to guard against to win. Download Beaver Smash for iOS

Beaver Smash app

Sputnik Eyes

Sputnik Eyes is an excellent puzzle game that invites you to take a journey through space. The game stands out with its nice visuals and a gorgeous, minimalistic design that features vivid colors and unique character models. Your mission is to help the little Eyes to scan and explore each planet along the way. If you like puzzle games, Sputnik Eyes will keep you busy and your logical thinking fit, I’m 100% sure. Download Sputnik Eyes for iOS [Priced at $1.99]

sputnik eyes app


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