Top Latest Earbuds to Check Out

January 9, 2016

4:00 pm

Although the popularity of headphones is still on the rise, there is nothing that is portable that can compete with earbuds. While the wireless models are the most preferred nowadays because of their portability, the nature of the wireless signals can bring about unwanted noise. That’s why wired earbuds might not be the fanciest gadgets, but they are still the best choice when it comes to comfort ability. Here are some of the top earbuds on the market that you should check out.


This particular set of earbuds look almost exactly like the RHA T110; the RHA T20, though, is in its own league. The T20 has a new driver that is found within the gadget. The driver is dubbed Dual Coil team, a feature taht increases the clarity of the earbuds as well as the dynamic range. The clarity of this earbuds is better that that of its predecessor.

The T20s also features swappable filters. These swappable features function very well, letting you adjust sound to your own preference. It also has built-in tips to help you customize it.

The T20s is currently selling at $239 – $50 more than the selling price of T10s. If you really want to get a great sound, then these earbuds are definitely worth every penny.

Jaybird X2 Blue Buds

Although the original jaybird blue buds X made a name for its name last year, they have been chucked out of the list by the newly designed and improved X2s.

If you take a close look at the earphones yourself, the style has changed significantly from the original Jaybird X. The X2s look more modern now than before, and they have become even sleeker. The quality of its sound is comparable to previous models, with a tad bit of improvement.

The new X2s also feature a Comply brand memory, which lets you find you taste with much ease than before. The lifespan of the battery is still the same with the older versions, but they are a bit great. The new case is made up of very high quality material and protects the earbuds better than the old case.

The X2s are better than their previous versions in every aspect. Interestingly, these earbuds sell at the same price with the older earbuds, at $179.

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless

The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless earbuds were released in late 2015. These earbuds feature so many new elements that many other earbuds brands don’t have at its selling price.

It’s easy to say that lower price means decreased sound quality, but this is not the case with this one. These fitness-oriented earbuds let you track and plan your workout routines with much ease. The earbuds have a dedicated button on the left earbud, which lets you use the app without the need to take use your phone while it is in the pocket.

If you are looking for something great that will cost you less than $100, then the Sport Pace Wireless is the best option.

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