The Top Seven New iOS Apps of Summer

August 9, 2014

6:00 pm

Instead of making you browse and discover the top iOS apps of the summer, we’ve done the hunting for you. Here’s a list of some of the new and upcoming apps in the App Store that have grown in popularity during the summer months including a nice mix of apps for business and apps for pleasure:

1. Wiper

tech01  wiperWiper is a really cool app to check out for a couple of reasons. One of these reasons is because it can permanently delete your messages with just one click. It is similar to WhatsApp and Telegram, but different because of its capability to wipe messages from the sender’s, recipient’s and the company’s servers with a touch of a button. Another great reason to look into Wiper is for encrypted HD voice calling. The app will also send you a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your text conversation.

2. MyRoll

tech02 myrollEver wish it was easier to organize your camera roll? Well, MyRoll might be the app for you. MyRoll, which used to be called Flavyr, will intelligently organize your camera roll for you. This app will gather your photos and images into “sharable moments,” which will inherently find all of your quality pics and videos that should be shared with your social media followers. Each album that is created can also be shared directly to Facebook, so get sharing easily with MyRoll.

3. Hours

tech03 HoursIf you are looking to be more productive in the office, look into the app called Hours. This app will help anyone with their time management issues, and those working in project management will definitely appreciate this beautifully designed app. Make sure to fill out your timelines so you get your projects done on time. The guys at Ring Power use it to keep track of when their rental equipment is due. They set it up so the app notifies them and their customers when the due date is coming up. It saves a ton of time on follow up calls and tracking people down.

4. 3Dbin

tech04 3dbinTrying to create some 3D images with your iPhone? Look no further than 3Dbin. This iPhone app will help you create images that are both 360 and 180 degrees.

The app makes it easy too. All you have to do is circle around your canvas and shoot a couple of shots. 3Dbin will then put these images together to create your new image.

5. Flowboard

tech05 FlowboardWant to create awesome presentations? Consider trying Flowboard, which allows anyone to create beautiful presentations easily. With Flowboard, you will be able to create interactive presentations with images, text, PDF’s, links and even photos. Whether you are trying to give a meaningful presentation or tell a story, Flowboard will help you create something truly memorable. McElroy Metal has found this to be a great way to send proposals to possible clients. Rather than getting a boring Power Point slideshow, the client gets a custom, interactive mini-website that’s sure to impress.

6. Tinker

tech06 TinkerEven though there are an abundance of to-do-list apps out there, Tinker has some features that separate it from the pack. This app promises to better organize your life through time-based goals or tasks that you create. Not only is the apple simple to use, but it also beautifully designed.

Remove the opportunity to procrastinate with Tinker. Just create a task, give it a name and set its duration. Tinker allows you to create tasks that last up to 24 hours.

7. PackPoint

tech07 PackpointHave you ever struggled to pack for a trip? Or, are you like many others out there who always forget to bring something important? With PackPoint, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something ever again. This app’s intelligent pack list will ensure you have everything you need for your trip, by just asking you a few simple questions.

The basic questions ask your gender, destination, when you’re traveling and the types of activities you’ll be taking part in when you’re there. These questions will create a list of suggested items to pack for your trip. These items include clothes, tech gadgets and other items that will be useful during your stay. With PackPoint, the hassle of making a packing list is basically done for you.

Check out these versatile apps next time you find yourself in the app store. You won’t be disappointed!


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