The Top Tech Companies with Remote Jobs

February 3, 2015

4:30 pm

New year, new lifestyle?

FlexJobs recently released a list of the 100 top companies with remote jobs, chosen from among 30,000 companies who post remote and flexible jobs on their job board. The companies are ranked according to their number of job postings in the past year.

Although there was some high-profile backlash against remote work in 2013 – with companies like Yahoo! and Best Buy calling their workers back to the office – remote work still seems to be on the rise. It’s up 80% since 2005, and FlexJobs itself saw a 27% increase in remote job postings in the past year. Today, over 34 million US workers spend at least some time working remotely. (Case in point: This dispatch is coming to you from sunny Thailand.)

Here are some of the notable tech companies that made the list for offering remote jobs: 

4. Amazon

Top remote jobs Amazon

8. IBM

Top remote jobs IBM

9. SAP

Top remote jobs SAP

12. Dell

Top remote jobs Dell

14. Intuit

Top remote jobs Intuit

21. Salesforce

Top remote jobs Salesforce


Top remote jobs

32. Apple

Top remote jobs Apple

46. Red Hat

Top remote jobs Red Hat

47. Adobe

Top remote jobs Adobe

60. Symantec

Top remote jobs Symantec

65. Autodesk

Top remote jobs AutodeskFull list here…


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