Toptal Launches Scholarships For Female Developers

October 21, 2015

9:00 am

While there is the general idea that the history of computing and programming has been solely made by men, that is far from the reality. Margaret Hamilton, for example, has been brought to the spotlight by social media, especially with this amazing photo of her standing next to the code she developed for the Apollo Guidance Computer software – but many women carved their place in that part of history by making important contributions to the field, even though some were somewhat forgotten.

Regardless, it is true that, today, most of the top-level coders and programmers are men. Generally, women are less inclined to go down this field of work. But, recently, there have been many initiatives to change that, like the Holberton School example, which aims to train more female developers, and Facebook’s TechPrep, a recently introduced web resource designed to attract them to the field.

Yet another great example of such initiatives has been announced today by Toptal, the world’s leading network of elite freelance software developers. They launched the Toptal Scholarships for Female Developers, a program specifically created to support and empower women aspiring to become professional software engineers.

These scholarships are part of Toptal’s commitment towards forming the strongest core engineering teams and engineering talent network possible. The company is welcoming women from across the world (of any education level) to apply, in order to obtain one of the 12 scholarships being handed out in the next year.

Toptal’s COO and co-founder Breanden Beneschott said: “Countless studies have shown that teams with a greater diversity of backgrounds and opinions perform better and drive more innovation,” something that Anna Chiara Bellini, Director of Engineering at Toptal, backed by stating that “in today’s tech industry, quality education can come from so many different valuable places, and that is something that this scholarship really embraces.”

Winners will receive a $5,000 scholarship and weekly one-on-one technical training and mentorship from a Toptal senior software engineer, which will be helpful for them to pursue their goals as future professional software engineers. The Scholarships Program starts on October 21, 2015 at 10 am EST, with applications  due on September 1st, 2016. Winners will be chosen based on the merit and potential of their application, with no purchase of any kind being necessary to apply (applications are subject to the official rules of the Scholarships).

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