Touch 2 Order, Literally, With Your iPad or iPhone at Restaurants

June 3, 2013

9:00 am

Have you ever been to a restaurant that uses iPads to take your order instead of humans? Well I have, and, let me tell you, it is an awesome dining experience everybody should have the opportunity to explore.

Linda Stevens, founder and president of Tangere Technologies, agrees with me. Her aim is to revolutionize the dining experience with Touch 2 Order (T2O), the flagship app from Tangere. T2O gives food service providers a consumer-facing iPad and iPhone digital menu application.

“Touchscreen technology is part of a burgeoning trend that will continue long into the future,” says Stevens. “Today’s consumer demands fast, convenient, customized service on their terms, and consumers’ demands for increased efficiency and quality service are only going to increase over time,” explains Stevens.

T2O fully integrates into an establishment’s point of sale (POS) system, and offers patrons and food service providers a host of tools to enhance the dining experience all around.

With the T2O app customers can view menu items and recommendations, place orders, call the wait staff with the push of a button, set up payment profiles for future visits, and receive loyalty rewards. Additionally, users can create profiles that list their food preferences along with any food allergies they might have.

The perks for the restaurant are designed with productivity and efficiency in mind. Food service providers, in an effort to break out of the archaic dining experience mentality, pay one low monthly fee for a complete restaurant overhaul.

Real-time inventory management, dynamic pricing options tied into promotions and inventory levels, lower operational costs, extensive consumer and sales data mining capabilities, targeted marketing functionality, and customizable loyalty and rewards programs are all included with the T2O.

“As a self-proclaimed foodie, I found myself repeatedly frustrated with various aspects of the food services industry,” explains Stevens. “It helped me identify numerous unmet consumer needs and service-related inefficiencies that need to be addressed.”

Put yourself in the shoes of a restaurant owner. Now, imagine not having to take inventory by hand, knowing exactly how many customers you had and what they ate, and being able to send special promotions to anybody who has ever visited your restaurant. Life would be much sweeter, no?

Food service providers, with the help of T2O, can tap into unprecedented potential after eliminating menial day-to-day tasks; Tangere’s T2O mitigates all the deficiencies of an under-evolved food service industry.

Oh, and by the way, word has it that if Tangere Technology had to be any animal out there they would be a lion. Why, you ask? Because there can only be one king in the food services jungle. So hurry up, restaurants, and get T2O so we can order your awesome food in a more fun and technological way!

Tangere Technologies was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Dc Mixer & Startup Showcase on May 15th.

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