Toyota Patents Comedically-Designed Flying Car

July 7, 2016

12:30 pm

Since the Jetsons came onto the small screen, people have been dreaming of flying cars. And while automotive technology has given us everything from the seatbelt to the Tesla, there is still little movement on the market when it comes to cars that can fly, or even hover. Fortunately, one car company is staking their claim on the futuristic transportation technology with a patent for a flying car. Unfortunately, it looks like something out of a poorly drawn cartoon.

That’s right, Toyota is apparently making moves on the world of flying cars with a patent that was filed in December of 2014 but was only recently published in lat June of 2016. One of several images from the US Patent and Trademark Office show a number of unique functions that frankly, look kind of stupid.

As you can see from item 110, the new car will house wings that extend from the back seat when the car is ready for take off. Along with the wings comes a flexible fuselage that will be able to morph into a more aerodynamic shape for safer and faster flying. While the aesthetics of the car suffer in order to keep the wings hidden while driving, the practically of these wings makes it more than worth the eye-sore.

However, no flying capabilities or high-tech features can make up for the visual atrocity that is a propellor on the back of an automobile. No one in the history of the world has ever looked at a beautiful Corvette or a sleek Aston Martin and thought, “you know those hats that idiots wear? Let’s put one on the back of our car!”

Unfortunately for Jetsons nuts and propellor fans, this car is likely a precautionary move by Toyota. Considering the outrageous design and the constantly shifting automobile market, this flying car patent is most probably never going to see the light of day. But in the event that Ferrari releases a flying car with helicopter propellors on the top of it, Toyota will have a way to fight back.

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Photo: Flickr / Martin Dufort

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