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September 24, 2010

2:24 pm

A lot of people track the things they do on a daily basis. They log their miles, keep food diaries, gratitude journals and bucket lists. Keeping track of stuff enables us to look back, see progress and get our arms around what we’ve done with our lives. If our lists are public, they can also motivate us to do more or motivate others. One area we are often blind to though, is our impact on others and the world, specifically when it comes to volunteering, donating and social good. Unless you’re tracking your community service hours out of necessity, you likely don’t have a big picture of the impact you’re making (or not making, as the case may be!). is a new online platform and Twitter-based application for volunteers and donors in national and community service programs to record, share and track their impact.

We believe that ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things to help solve local and national problems. seeks to be a resource for volunteers and service organizations by leveraging the power of new technology and social media. –

For example, a volunteer who serves 3 hours on a community cleanup project could send a tweet using the myImpact hashtag: “I volunteered 3 hours today at the park cleanup #myImpact” and their action, metric and quantity would automatically be added to their myImpact journal. Texting will be added in the future. also allows for organizations to create pages and track the impact of their members. Imagine schools and social clubs tracking their overall impact and having local competitions.

myImpact uses social media to enhance and extend the volunteering experience. They hope to contribute to a new era of service by engaging more Americans in service activities, demonstrating the effectiveness of those programs and advancing citizen service as a solution to systemic problems at the community and national levels. Despite the focus on volunteering, the site also allows you to track your financial donations and provides a tally, which is a good thing as many of us are better at opening our wallets than volunteering our time, yet we still want to feel we’ve made an impact.

Launched in June 2010, was founded by @ChrisGolden and @NickTroiano, who were inspired by their attendance at a ServiceNation summit in 2008. Their project is funded by Mobilizing America’s Youth ( and they have also received support from the Pepsi Refresh Project and the Target Foundation. Aside from, Chris will serve as Official Twitter Correspondent for the 2010 National Conference on Citizenship and was recently selected by NASA to be a Twitter Correspondent for November’s STS-131 Space Shuttle launch. Nick recently took a leave of absence from Georgetown University to accept a position as Communications Manager for a national political reform movement that will launch early next year. He will remain on the Board of Directors.

Come meet the team as they will be one of our featured startups at the next  TECH cocktail DC on September 29th at Slaviya in Adams Morgan.

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