Tracky Adds Video Conferencing Inside Your To-Do Lists

July 1, 2013

1:19 pm

Tracky, the social collaboration tool for managing your personal and professional to-dos, recently added video conferencing right inside your to-do lists.

For businesses that use Tracky, that means they can hold team huddles, demos and training, live events, or customer meetings on the platform. You just click “Start a meeting,” and everyone can see the agenda and the meeting notes.

“It’s akin to having Google Hangouts embedded within your to-do lists,” says COO and Co-founder Jennifer Gosse. “It makes people feel like you’re more of a personal-touch-type company and you’re getting more accomplished by actually seeing each other.”

Tracky screenshot

The feature, now available to all Tracky users, is powered by Watchitoo Playground and free for up to 11-person calls. You can even perform a web search that everyone can see, or watch a YouTube video together.

A December 2012 survey of almost 5,000 video users, conducted by Wainhouse Research and Polycom, detailed some of the benefits of video conferences that Tracky hopes to take advantage of. 87 percent of respondents agreed that video calls make them feel more connected when working remotely. Another 87 percent said that videos helped speed up decision making, crucial for startups. (Presumbly, the alternative is the long and drawn-out email chain.) As high as 94 percent said that video conferencing improves efficiency and productivity. Seeing your coworkers’ faces when you propose ideas or give feedback, for example, makes things go much more smoothly. Finally, 87 percent reported reduced travel costs – if you video conference with a client, you might not have to go out and visit them.

Despite all these benefits, however, video conferencing is not quite ubiquitous. Only 40 percent reported doing at least one video call per week. So if you decide to add more video calls to your repertoire, make sure to set expectations – you don’t want to call someone who’s frizzy-haired and in their pajamas.

Gosse only expects video conferencing to grow in the future, taking its place alongside email and text messages. “It’s just a matter of time before it becomes more common to have web conferencing with people,” she says.

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