Tradezby Executes Their Pivot Slowly, but it’s Well-Calculated

November 21, 2014

11:00 am

The pivot is a powerful tool in the entrepreneur’s arsenal; it can completely change the game if you’re finding success difficult to chase. Over the course of the last year, Nate Llorando has performed a pivot and rebranded his original startup company, My Trade Cart, into the new and heavily improved Tradezby.

Holding true to the principles of My Trade Cart, Llorando and his team have redesigned some of the inner workings of the online trading, bartering, and selling platform. Namely, they focused on making the platform more user friendly after collecting copious amounts of feedback from their initial users and target demographic.

“Our main goal evolved into simplifying the trading process for a quick and easy experience,” says Llorando. “Simplicity is crucial, as it gives our users freedom to be creative with their transactions.”

Tradezby has also kept the streamlined platform My Trade Cart purported, enabling users to buy, sell, and trade personal goods and services with their social network. It’s completely free to use, and they differentiate themselves from other sites, like Craigslist, by ensuring that everything remains within personal, trusted social networks of friends: the team wants the trades to be inherently trustworthy.

What’s changed is the interface, which lets users scroll through their newsfeed, brose the “Featured Listings” page, or check their friends’ profiles for new listings. The app also allows the user to share listing directly to their Facebook and Twitter profiles via the new “Plug” option and tag their friends via the “Stamp ID” option.

The team has been marketing towards young adults aged 18 to 24 with an added focus on local university students. It’s a great demographic because college students sometimes face a lack of financial resources, and purchasing new textbooks is a major pain point for undergraduate and graduate students alike (I’m speaking from personal experience on that one).

Say, for example, a student takes Biology 101 and is looking to get rid of the textbook. They can post it to Tradezby and share the listing on social media for other students who might want to make an offer. Interested parties can then search for said textbook using keywords, and they can reply with an offer to trade the book for anything like baseball hats, carpool rides, and even tutoring sessions.

“It is the ongoing quest for simplicity that forces us to constantly implement new ideas and features in order to continually improve the Tradezby experience,” says Lloradno. “Since going live, our users have been listing a variety of things ranging from sneakers, collectible sports memorabilia, books, movie tickets, and even pizza dinners.”

And Tradezby isn’t just for college students, but rather anyone looking to make trades with their personal and professional networks. That’s another constant that Llorando brought with him on the pivot from My Trade Cart: provide a platform that makes trading goods and services with trusted friends, peers, and colleagues easy.

As Tradezby pushes on forward, they’ll be focusing solely on expanding the user base. Initially, they plan on leveraging existing relationships and partnerships with their featured users in order to expand their footprint in consumer and business markets.

“As long as our users stay creative, this idea will catch fire and burn wildly,” says Lloradno.




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