Get Your Text Messages Translated to Spanish during the World Cup

June 25, 2014

9:00 am

Texting your friends about the latest soccer (sorry, football) match and want to sound savvy?

For a limited time, you can get accurate and free English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translations from Muuzii. Just text #copa (“cup”) to 95997 to get an instant translation.

muuzii screenshot

This promotion (available until July 15) coincides with the launch of Muuzii, a real-time translation service for text messages on the AT&T network. It’s designed to show users from all carriers how the service works.

With a $2.99 or $3.99 monthly subscription, Spanish and English speakers on AT&T can get instant translations to help them communicate with each other. English speakers can also get instant translations to Chinese. Muuzii plans to add new languages and more carriers later this year.

“Our initial focus on the Spanish-speaking market helps AT&T improve their value to the Hispanic community, which may translate into greater market share,” says Eric Fang, who cofounded Muuzii in 2007 with his sister Ling. “This is especially true with AT&T’s Cricket acquisition” [in 2013].

The Fangs got in touch with AT&T when they worked as advisors for the company’s China operations in the 1990s. That helped them build relationships and bring on a former AT&T executive as a board member. 

Translation services like Google Translate are famously and hilariously inaccurate, but the paid Muuzii service has a few extra features. Over time, Muuzii uses machine learning to pick up new words, phrases, and trends. It won’t be phased by autocorrect or misspellings, and unknown phrases are sent to human translators in real time.

Muuzii can work without a data plan or wifi, which means it’s also available for non-smartphones. To get the service, just go here and enter your mobile number.


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