Our Lives are Buried in Data, Transpose Organizes It

July 10, 2015

10:00 am

I was having a conversation with somebody the other day about my role at Tech.Co. I told him about everything: the awesome entrepreneurs I get to meet, the stories I get to tell, and my passion for highlighting the entrepreneur behind the idea. He asked a question at that moment I’ve never gotten before though: “Is the majority of everything you write centered on software?”

Floored, I sat there kind of stupefied as I tried to work out the numbers. No doubt, the majority of what I cover is software, but the more I thought about it I realized that’s because it’s become such a central piece of our personal and professional lives.

As fate would have it I came across a blog post by Transpose CEO Hussein Ahmed that mirrors this exact thought. He noticed there was a major problem with people integrating so many different software offerings into our day to day lives.

“We…get our work done, have fun, connect with friends, and even wind down on the couch and watch TV,” says Hussein’s blog post. “The only thing missing…was the ability to organize our high density, information heavy lives.”

That is, we’ve just been piling text notes, files, spreadsheets, and lists of bookmarks on top of one another in no organized fashion. But that’s why he founded Transpose: to let users build and devise their own, unique ways of tracking and storing all of their data.

In fact, part of Ahmed’s grand vision is to provide an enterprise level platform that requires no knowledge of database design or a huge set of complicated and expensive technologies. That is, he wants to deliver a level of utility inherent in enterprise solutions to the everyday user.

“People shouldn’t have to struggle to make traditional platforms work for them. There’s a huge market segment that will find Transpose indispensable, and now they’ll have the tools to create whatever they can imagine,” says Ahmed. “We’ve built an incredible platform and we can’t wait to see what people do with it.”

True enough, Ahmed and his team have put a lot of time and effort into building Transpose, and they were beyond excited when a group of investors recognized their hard work. Founders’ Co-op, Alliance of Angels, and The Gramercy Fund funded Transpose with $1.4 million to continue to build out the platform further.

“What excited us as investors is the huge opportunity for Transpose to completely change the status quo,” says Chris DeVore, Founders’ Co-op. “What Transpose is building democratizes the actionable intelligence and power that businesses derive from high-tech databases that are hard to build and maintain. It’s the foundation for what comes next. It’ll be exciting to watch both businesses and consumers build upon and evolve the platform.”

As the team tells us Transpose isn’t just a better way to take notes or build databases. It’s an entirely new platform that enables people to leverage technologies which were previously available only to large companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

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