5 Useful Gadgets Every Travel Enthusiast Needs

January 21, 2016

8:00 pm

It doesn’t really matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, because all trips have several things in common. Firstly, the chances of having a silly accident are significantly increased – it’s like you attract trouble the moment you leave home. Secondly, they can be boring at times, so you need to have something entertaining with you. And finally, you’ll want to document your travels somehow. Well, the following five gadgets will be more than helpful with each of these things.

External Battery Charger

Even if you’re the most responsible person in the world and take good care of your batteries, the chances of your smartphone, tablet or laptop battery running out while traveling are enormous. When that happens, I bet you won’t be able to find a plug anywhere around you. Other than taking care of your battery and using a few proven ways of prolonging your battery’s lifespan, you can use one simple solution to this potential problem – just get yourself an external battery charger and relax.

Waterproof Case

While we’re on the subject of smartphones – it’s quite important to protect all your gadgets from damage, especially your smartphone. There are all kinds of protective cases, but my suggestion is to get a waterproof one just in case. If an accident happens, you won’t have to stress out about your phone dying. Besides, you can have a lot of underwater fun with it and take brilliant photos.

E-Book Reader

Although I personally prefer actual books than digital ones, the fact is you don’t need any unnecessary luggage weight while traveling. So, if you’re looking for interesting ways to pass the time while you’re waiting for your flight or when you’re on it, you should definitely consider getting an e-book reader. You can “pack” dozens of books and you won’t feel any difference in weight. Besides, this is a great opportunity to catch up with your reading – I bet you have a list of books you’d like to go through.

Luggage Tracker

Probably the most annoying thing that could possibly happen while you’re away from home is losing your luggage, and this accident strikes when we least expect it. Instead of leaving it up to faith to decide whether you’ll be able to wear your own clothes or you’ll be forced to buy new outfits, you should get a luggage tracker and relax. They are small, convenient and pretty simple to use – you get all the information you need right on your smartphone, whenever you want.

Selfie Stick

Face it – you’ll want to have at least several great photos and that can be quite hard to pull off if you’re traveling by yourself. If you haven’t used a selfie stick so far, you might feel a bit weird taking a photo this way for the first couple of times, but you’ll get used to it quite quickly. All weirdness aside, you can quickly learn how to make awesome selfies using this smart little gadget.


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