Treehouse Offers New Android Tools Class

January 31, 2014

5:18 pm

On January 22, Treehouse added a new course to their pantheon of knowledge about coding, website building, and app construction. Android Tools, the newly launched course, will be taught by Ben Jakuben with the express goal of teaching developers the finer points of Android development.

The idea for the course comes from the belief that using the proper tools can make an Android developer’s life so much easier. To that end Treehouse has broken Android Tools into three sections: Getting Started with Android Studio, Getting Started with Genymotion, and Using Git for Android.

At Google I/O in 2013, the new Android integrated development environment (AIDE), Android Studio, was announced. It’s currently available as a beta release, and Android Tools explores how to get started and learn helpful features that make it powerful and fun to use.

From there the course takes a look at the third-party emulator Genymotion, a much faster and more responsive emulator than the default Android. This section covers how to download, install, and use Genymotion for Android development.

Last, but not least, Treehouse believes that every developer should be using some sort of version control. The last section of Android Tools shows how to set up and make changes to an Android project on GitHub using the Git version control system.

“This overview of Android Tools can help students familiarize themselves and gain proficiency with some of the latest Android development tools used by professional Android developers around the world,” says Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse. “Using Android Studio, the Genymotion emulator, and Git as a version control system for Android projects are skills every Android developer should know working on independent apps or as part of a team.”


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