Trequant Helps Tremor Patients Track Their Symptoms

May 10, 2016

4:00 pm

I would argue that the majority of wearables out there are to help already healthy people (relatively speaking) stay healthy or get in better shape. However, as innovation tends to work, there are now many companies developing wearable devices that can help save lives, monitor serious health issues, or improve the lives of sick people.

Trequant, is one of these companies. They have developed a wearable that improves the life of the tremor patients (those suffering from Parkinsons, Dystonia, or a number of other conditions) by monitoring tremors. They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to share this technology with those who need it.

The device looks and feels like a normal analog watch. What makes it different is the advanced sensors it contains that help monitor a patient’s tremors. This monitoring can give patients and doctors a better understanding of when and how frequently the tremors occur.

Since tremors most commonly occur in the hands, the location of this device on the wrist will be helpful in tracking the frequency and severity of the tremors. While tremors themselves are not life threatening, a lack of treatment can cause the tremors to get worse and cause frustration for the patient and their loved ones.


How it works: 

  • Tremors are recorded on the associated app. Patients can record what activities they were doing when the tremors occurred.
  • Data is stored in one place so that you can see the time, severity, and duration
  • Data is organized into reports that the patient can view to track patterns.
  • Tremors can also be analyzed alongside the activity that was being done at that time.
  • Data can be shared with doctors, family members, and anyone else with whom the patient wants to share.

Trequant was founded by two Pakistani engineers and entrepreneurs, Fawad Ejaz Bhatti and Usman Shabbir. In addition to this device, they are also working on a concept called the Trequant Circle which would, in essence, be a social network for people with tremors. Since many who suffer from tremors are older, they might not know others who are dealing with the same issues and the Trequant Circle would provide them with an opportunity to connect.

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