Trio: The Mashups of Everything

March 13, 2015

8:00 pm

Whether you’re creating a sports highlight reel with video commentary or slideshows of today’s best fashion with Instagram posts, mashups are becoming a very popular aspect of today’s culture. While many have had to create their own mashups in the past, there is now an app called Trio, which will allow users to create mashups in a quick and easy way.

“Trio is for making media mashups and that is taking different parts of media assets like a video or images from third party sources and making mashups of all this content,” says Misha Leybovich, the CEO of Trio. “ We do this because it allows for a different kind of creative expression.”

According to a release, “Trio makes it easy to remix other people’s (friends, celebs, brands) assets (videos, photos, gifs, music) into awesome mashups, putting the world of popular media at your fingertips.” Here’s what first time users should know about how Trio works:

  • You Can Use Social Media Profiles: “You can bring in Vine and Instagram or GIF. You can do pretty interesting things with this content,” says Leybovich.
  • Includes Linked Attribution: “ You don’t have to own the content,” says Leybovich.“But it includes linked attribution back to it and what that means is when you are using Trio you can see where the content came from.”
  • Connects with iTunes: “If it’s iTunes you can see what song it is,” says Leybovich. “It’s crazy when someone taps on that button because they want to see what song it is they can take it into iTunes. From that point the percentage of people who buy the song is up to 35%.

Additionally, the features listed above make Trio easy-to-use, especially from a technical perspective.

“I think from a technical perspective all of the APIs we are pulling from weren’t really in a state that we could really use them until a year and a half ago,” says Leybovich.“It was really in the past 6-9 months that the other networks we were pulling from had mature enough API’s and their content networks were big enough to do this.”

More about Trio and the Team

Along with Leybovich, the team includes Clay Garrett (CTO) who is a designer and developer. Additionally, the team’s investors include Streamlined Ventures, Allegro Venture Partners, Western Technology Investment, Plug and Play Ventures, and Media Camp.

While the team has made significant progress since its start more than 2 years ago, they have pivoted drastically to create what Trio is now.

“Our next product in September 2013 was an embedded web widget with major sports and media customers that made more money but was lagging in mobile. This new mobile app in March 2015 is the culmination of everything we’ve learned in 2.5 years of making and selling media creation products,” reads a fact sheet provided by the team.

Regardless of some of the challenges in the beginning, the Trio team has realized that their mashups not only allow people to use create expression, but it also helps drive people back to original content.

“We want to provide value for the original content,” says. “Even though we rely on third party content so we want to make sure we are driving traffic and driving purchases back to their site.”

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