Trusst Lingerie Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Smart Bra

April 24, 2015

4:00 pm

All breasts are not created equally. For women with larger breasts, not wearing bras with the right support is not an issue of aesthetics; it’s a health issue. Two women want to change the experience women with full busts have when it comes to wearing bras.

Sophia Berman and Laura West founded Trusst Lingerie, a startup that uses technology and engineering to create bras that fit and support larger breasts. They have developed a patent-pending design that replaces traditional underwire; in addition to working with high-end fabrics, Trusst has engineered a bra that lifts and supports, reducing shoulder grooves and back pain.

“This idea came from our personal experiences in finding bras,” said Berman “We wanted to offer women functionality and support.”

Berman and West found that they were not alone when it came to the struggle to find the right bra. Market research shows that the average bra size of women in the United States has grown beyond standard sizes and that the lingerie industry has not adapted to meet needs adequately.  Other startups in the lingerie industry such as AdoreMe, Intimint, and True & Co., focus on providing women with a fashionable product and great customer service.

Trusst focuses on the functionality of the product, not just on the “uplifting effect” on our lady lumps.

“About a year ago, we put our heads together to solve this problem. We started off from a purely engineering standpoint: breasts are heavy, and bigger breasts are even heavier. Heavier things need more support than lighter things. Current bras are designed without weight in mind, which is why most of them fail,” explained Berman.

Trusst Lingerie


The current structure design spans 42 sizes and provides support for up to 80% of your breast weight.

Trusst Lingerie is currently part of a hardware accelerator called Alpha Lab Gear in Pittsburgh, PA. They are finalizing the design on three styles following extensive testing. They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure necessary funds to go into production.

Image Credit: Flickr/Craig Sunter


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