TrustCloud Provides Quality Assurance for the Sharing Economy

October 19, 2014

8:00 pm

If you were worried about how trustworthy your AirBNB host is, or if your Uber driver is going to attack you with a hammer, worry no more.  TrustCloud provides trust, safety, and quality assurance for the sharing economy.

They have developed several solutions to help combat issues that have arisen as a result of the sharing economy and present them in three tiers:

Safety: They’re providing background checks on service providers.
Trust: They’ve built a social scrapper that checks for warning signs for 100 social data sources for both the service providers and the service buyers.
Quality: They’re providing insurance to sharing economy companies for when things do go wrong.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.00.54 PM

“We learned how to work with different advisors and mentors,” said Treven Cornwall, TrustCloud’s COO, “it’s been an invaluable experience being able to take in feedback and iterate on our value proposition.”

It seems to be working.  Even before graduation they have a term sheet from one of the largest tier one service providers and are talking to several other enterprise level partners to integrate with.

“500 Startups has been an amazing experience, it’s inspiring to be around so many people tacking hard problems and the access to speakers was invaluable. We were able to sit down with the founder of Thumbtack just the other day,” Cornwall said when asked about the benefits of the program.

TrustCloud will graduate on Tuesday from 500 Startups as part of Batch 10.

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