Bored During the Super Bowl? Listen to Your Favorite Band’s Videos on Tubalr

February 5, 2012

10:00 am

I’m a native New Yorker, so I am pretty psyched that the Giants are playing in the Super Bowl today.  Still, I have to admit – I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials – but I really look forward to the game because it’s a great excuse to cook some awesome food and open a really good bottle of wine.

If you hate the Patriots (well, Tom Brady and the fact that he is incredibly good and never loses and has a smokin’ hot wife to boot) or are bored by the game or (heaven forbid) the commercials, mosey on over to a new site called Tubalr, which lets you search for and listen to your favorite band’s or artist’s YouTube videos.

Yes, you could listen to Pandora or Spotify or iTunes, but then you’d miss out on the music that was recorded live or are remixes.  Unless you want to wade through the clutter that is YouTube.

Tubalr was started for fun by Cody Stewart, who said he thought it was something that could be useful – and, he said, it’s been a great learning experience.  It’s a solo project, and he’s taken zip in funding for it.

“My goals for the site are just to continue watching it grow and make tweaks here and there to keep my users happy.  At this point, that’s all I care about – bringing a fun experience to the users.”

Traffic is flowing in by word-of-mouth by giving the users something they actually care about and enjoy using. I plan on sticking with this method – it’s been working pretty well for me.”

As I write this post, the super clean and streamlined site has 5,240 users who have conducted 371,901 searches. Top searches are Adele, Coldplay, Lana del Rey, Radiohead, and Indie.  If you want to save and share videos, you have to register.

I gave it a go and plugged in Florence and the Machine, since I just happened to be listening to them (on iTunes) at the time.  You can choose to view just that band’s videos or ones that are similar.  So of course I hit “similar.”  It pulled up videos from a lot of bands I had never heard of: Nicola Roberts, SKRILLEX, Marina and the Diamonds and just one I knew and already liked – Lykke Li.  Funny, though: when I hit “same,” one of the videos of Florence and the Machine was not her, but a girl (with a great voice) covering “Dog Days Are Over” at what looked like a talent contest.

Now I’m listening to Coldplay.  There is a cover of “Don’t Panic” that is a YouTube artist remix – just random people spliced together playing the song.  Pretty cool.

Check it out – and let me know what you think with a comment below.

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