Why Your WordPress Blog Is At Risk [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 10, 2015

4:00 pm

As a tech reporter, I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t tell you how to do a WordPress backup and I’m pretty sure I’ve never done one for any of my personal blogs.

CodeGuard recently surveyed over 500 WordPress users to find out about their backup habits, and it turns out that I’m not alone. Too many individual and business WordPress users don’t make a copy of their content and then get completely devastated by cyberattacks or accidentally deleting their files – and then their articles and images are gone. Poof.

If this has never happened to you (like it’s never happened to me), it’s probably hard to imagine. But apparently it happens and apparently 43% of the people it happens to say they would pay thousands of dollars or more to get their files back.

The problem, CodeGuard’s survey suggests, is our ignorance – 21% of us only backup occasionally, 22% of us have no idea how to do a WordPress backup, and another 22% of us don’t see the importance of a backup tool.

This is all very self-serving for CodeGuard, of course, because they provide website backup services. But the bottom line is: backup your WordPress site the way you (hopefully) backup your laptop. If you’re not doing that, then you (and I) are using WordPress wrong.

WordPress backup infographic

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