Turning a Regular Cellphone Into a Fully-Featured Business System

February 8, 2015

8:00 am

If you happen to own a business where phone calls are a big deal, then you surely know how they can be problematic: missed calls, an endless number of messages to keep track of, people reaching the wrong department – the list is almost endless. Virtual PBX phone systems can provide to be a valuable option, but there are more solutions on the market.

A Lithuanian startup has launched a new and innovative product that will revolutionize this subject: BatCrab. This platform renders services in 60 countries worldwide and aims to target all SMEs, given they provide customer support by phone with cellphones.

BatCrab literally turns a regular cellphone into a fully-featured phone system. With features like customized voice greeting menus, off hours announcement and call forwarding to voicemail (among others), even the smallest company can get a very professional phone system.

Also, this product has a big focus on call statistics. According to Gediminas Jocys, CTO of BatCrab, “Analyzing call statistics provides business developers with a clear look at support operations”, and “managers can easily find out when more support staff should be answering the calls, check the most busy or unoccupied time frames, most popular numbers and other important information”.

Data is provided in realtime, so that business owners can make decisions on the go. For the moment, BatCrab focuses on SME and startups, providing its services in sixty countries around the world – users can also set phone numbers in their target areas, to deeply and easily reach a desired market.

If you think that your communication system is outdated and obsolete, then maybe BatCrab is a great solution for you and your business, in order to get a new and modern way of meeting up with your communication needs.

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