Three Reasons not To Miss Twilio’s Next Developer Conference

May 22, 2015

5:00 pm

I’ve been to many developer conferences in nearly 2 decades of being involved in technology and development teams. There are good ones and bad ones, but one that you should not miss is the yearly developer conference put on by Twilio. Twilio is a cloud-based service that enables communication between apps and services. With their powerful API, you can build reliable and scalable applications that allow the users of your applications to communicate with Voice and SMS.

But the three reasons you should not miss a Twilio Developer Conference? Jimmy Jacobson, speaker at this year’s Signal Conference (previously Twiliocon), gave me his three reasons and I added my own thoughts as well.

1. You will miss out on early access to new Twilio features announced at the event.

This year, 8 new features were announced, including IP Messaging and Video. IP Messaging allows developers to embed advanced messaging in iOS, Android, and Javascript apps with features synonymous with messaging apps. Typing indicators, message read status, and topic search as well as message synchronization across devices, persistent chat history, and push notifications are all included to take your app to new heights. The new Twilio Video feature allows your development team to create multi-party video experiences for mobile and web apps — made possible by global infrastructure for peer-to-peer calls.

SIGNAL attendees got their hands on the beta release. You didn’t come? You gotta wait awhile until your competitors ship real value-adding features. Twilio highlights customers doing amazing things with their product in the opening Keynote. They call these folks “Doers” and it really helps you to think about what you can build and how it can add a ton of value to your organization or your user base. When I went to Twiliocon 2013, I was actively running my consulting company, and I was excited to bring back some exciting news to my clients about what we could do on their projects using the brand-spanking-new features released by Twilio.


Hall Of Doers


2. You will miss making amazing friends.

The Twilio team reminds you of this from your very first moment upon arriving at the conference location. How? When you get to the conference, a dozen Twilio employees start cheering and high-fiving you. They do this for every single person on every morning of the conference. For me, it reminds me that we are among our friends and peers. Take the joy of getting greeted like a long lost friend and pass it back to everyone else you meet that day. Everyone feels the same way, and is ready to chat you up! Ashley Waxman, Communications Lead at Runscope, had this to say:

“Twilio signal is all about communication and innovation, and both of those tenets carried over into the expo hall and networking events. Because the conference focus is on developers, everyone has an innate curiosity and eagerness to learn new things from new people. Twilio signal made it easy to connect with industry heavyweights in a casual atmosphere.”

I met some amazing folks this year, so shout out to Abi, Anton, and Julian of CallBox!


3. Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants have closed out the conference with amazing performances!

Not to mention $bash, one of the best after conference parties ever!


BONUS REASON. The best swag!


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