Easily Converse with Your Customers on Twitter Using itweetlive

January 5, 2012

11:30 am

It’s no secret that social media is an important part of managing a brand’s customer relations and marketing. Facebook and Twitter have become popular channels for customers to recommend or trash products and brands, as well as places for brands to connect with their existing and potential customers. Many companies offer tools and services aimed at helping brands leverage this potential.

itweetlive, an early stage Israeli startup, has developed an online marketing platform that allows brands to interact with customers and brand advocates on Twitter. With itweetlive, brands can acquire new customers or users, support existing ones, improve engagement and build their community, all with a personal touch yet much faster than it would take otherwise.

You can also set pre-defined searches on Twitter with optional replies for each one. Once you’ve done that, you can regularly manage and engage in conversation with people talking about your brand. For example, you could start a conversation with people that show interest in your product, thank people recommending your product or help people who need assistance.

itweetlive has entered a crowded market, full of tools and solutions for managing, measuring and analyzing a brand’s social impact. The main differentiation is that itweetlive is conversation-focused.

“We are building a conversational engine that will be used on different platforms, to help brands to communicate efficiently with a group of individual,” said Agmon Porat, itweetlive’s founder and CEO. “As other solutions provide a one on one engagement solution, we provide tools that accelerate the process. Using itweetlive at a given time, one can engage with 50 times as many people compared to other one-on-one tools.”

itweetlive was founded in 2009 by Porat, and they recently raised a $700K investment from The Time, an Israeli media investment company, and another private investor.  They are now looking to grow its team of 5. The company offers a freemium model – use the platform completely free of charge as long as you allow ads to be tweeted from your accounts, or pay as low as $0.01 per tweet you send, without the ads.

As social media skyrockets, solutions such as itweetlive are becoming a necessity in any online marketer’s toolbox. Thousands of companies have used itweetlive so far, and hundreds use it every week to engage with users and customers, including many web and mobile startup companies, such as Conduit, Waze and Rounds.
Interestingly, itweetlive is using their own tool to grow business.  Porat added:

“Using itweeltive, we are engaging with community managers of SMB’s and media agencies. itweetlive is a great lead generation tool.”

Watch the video below to learn more:

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Matan Talmi is an entrepreneur based out of Tel-Aviv, and covers Israeli start-ups. Matan is Co-founder & CEO at Drippler, a mobile startup. When he’s not working or blogging, Matan listens to music and also DJs every now and then. Follow him on Twitter at @talmixed

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